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Payless Shoes Source Questions Answered!

  1. Are the shoes from Payless Shoe Source good quality and worth buying?

    I'm just curious. I see my friends wear these adorable shoes and they always say that they get them from Payless Shoe Source. Also, do they have a website so I can see what their shoe selection is?

  2. About how much is the Employee Discount for Payless Shoe Source employees?

    I'm having an interview tomorrow to work at Payless Shoe Source, I don't have the job yet or anything but everyone loves discounts so out of plain curiosity, does anyone know about how much they take off for employees? Thank you! :]

  3. How do I clean shoes made fom fabric?

    My shoes are a light beige color, almost white, made from fabric. Bought them at Payless Shoe Source Can I wash them in the washing mashine? If yes, how? Wht cycle? DO i put them in the dryer? Help!

  4. How much would brake shoes cost for my 1998 Honda CR-V?

    There's a Payless Shoe Source down the street from my job, but their site is blocked at my workplace. Thanks!

  5. What are some awesome and stylish clothing stores?

    I already shop at: Justice Kohls Payless Shoe Source Aeropostale Don't suggest Abercrombie and Hollister. They are dark (especially Hollister) and nothing is see-able I'm in middle school. Also try to put a website of them please, I love shopping!

  6. How do you stop spammers from invading your email inbox?

    I keep getting annoying messages from, for instance, Payless Shoe Source, online college junk, berryslim diet stuff (yeah, i don't even go on diets...), etc. It is VERY annoying after a while and just clogs up my inbox. This is also for my hotmail inbox. How can I stop this spamming for good? I don't want to get a new account... What can I do? Thanks in advance!

  7. I How do I clean the mesh on my Nike Shox without damage to the shoe?

    I have new Nike Shox Turbo+IV and its alittle dirty on one spot, how do i clean it? Can i use Rain & Stain Gaurd from Payless Shoe Source?

  8. List some common stores that a university student can apply to?

    Hi, I've decided that I do not want to work in a clothing store or fast food place if possible, they are back up resources. Instead I want to focus more on applying to shoe stores, book stores, movie stores, pharmacies, offices, etc Can you please list some appropriate, common stores I can send my resume to? Shoes - Sketchers, Payless Shoe Source, Adidas, Rebook, Nike Movies - Blockbuster, Rogers Pharmacy - Shoppers Drug Mart Any more? Thanks!

  9. Can I return a pair of shoes to Payless that I wore once?

    I bought a pair of shoes from Payless Shoe Source a few days ago. I wore them once but I realized I didn't like the way they felt on my feet. When I took them off they barely had any dirt or anything on them but I cleaned them really good anyway. They still look brand new and I have the box they came in and the receipt. Will Payless take them back if I try to return them?

  10. What is the best way to turn a child's frown upside down?

    I have a 2nd interview tomorrow w/ Payless Shoe Source and one of my interview questions is going to be.. ' A child needs his foot measured but he/she is very cranky, crying, or refuses... how would you go about measuring his/her foot?' Ivehad experience w/ children and pyschology... i do know that i should get on their eye level when talking with them. What would be a creative answer/ideas?? what would YOU say to the child/do/act?? Please help!!