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Payless Shoes Store Questions Answered!

  1. Does anyone know if it is against Payless Store policy for a employee to close one of their stores alone?

    My daughter works at a Payless Shoe Store in Northwest Ohio and her manager has been having her and other female employees close the store alone. Back in 1997 a Payless employee was raped while working the closing shift alone and I thought they had made it a policy that no one would have to close alone ever again. The lawsuit that followed against Payless cost them over a million dollars - thought they had learned something but I guess not.

  2. Is there any way I can send back shoes bought at Payless to get them dyed?

    My friend made the mistake of buying redyeable shoes off the Payless Shoes Store site thinking she could bring them into the store once she got them and have them sent out to get them dyed from there. Does anyone have any experience with this? Will they do it? I mean, she did buy the shoes, and has the receipt and everything.

  3. What to do when a Retail store made me look bad to my previous employees?

    Months after I left my previous payless job I went shopping at a different payless shoe store with a gift card I got from my sister. I went in to buy another pair of heels and the store manager told her associate to "watch" me. Then after I bought my shoes I get a call from my x co workers saying that The store manager was accusing me that I was up to no good.. and that I was suspicious and running on and on to everyone were I used to work.. But I don't get It I BOUGHT the shoes. How am I suspicious? Is there something I can do about this? I definitely want to put a stop to it.. its very Unfair. She made me look bad to all my previous co workers..:(

  4. How will they get my online application?

    I applied at Payless shoe store, but they didnt have me pick a city or a state. I just had to pick Part Time and United States....? Is this normal for an online application?? How will they know where I'm applying at? My location? Im so confused... Did I just waste my time applying? I dont understand how they can receive my application if I never picked a place.

  5. How much is Payless shoes starting salary?

    How much per hour at Payless Shoe Store?

  6. Where do you fill out Payless application?

    I went to a payless shoe store and was told the application is done online I can not find the actual application every website I go to is asking me to registar a account. What happened to paper applications.

  7. What are the best shoe stores for cute wedges?

    I am looking for cute inexpencive wedges but don't really know of any other shoe stores than payless x0 and they just don't have what I am looking for. So tell me where do you shop girls?

  8. I had an interview Monday i was wondering how long if would take to hear back?Or should i call and ask?z?

    I had an interview at a payless shoe store by the way. I had an interview Monday i was wondering how long if would take to hear back?Or should i call and ask?z?

  9. What competition would a store that sold energy drinks have?

    Shoe stores such as Payless have a lot of competition such as Aldo and other shoe stores. But a store that sold flowers wouldn't have as much competition because there aren't that many stores that sell flowers. What about an energy drinks store? Well actually it sells energy drinks, sports drinks, energy bars and whatever gives you an energy boost. What competition would it have? Also why would a store like that succeed. Example: energy drinks and sports drinks are a growing trend so many people buy them. Any other ideas?

  10. What are some clothing stores for teenage girls similar to rue21 and Forever21?

    Also what are some shoe stores besides payless & famous footwear?