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Payless Shoes Coupons Questions Answered!

  1. Where can I buy shoes that are suitable for restaurant work?

    I have a job as the kitchen helper in a local restaurant, and I am trying to find some shoes that are non-slip, confortable, and stylish. I found Dr.Scholls work shoes to be suit my needs but I don't know where I can find them here in Vancouver....I kept looking all over the web, and found some decent websites, but they are all in the US. So my question is where can I find shoes in Canada that I'm looking for. I prefer not to buy it online. Can you guys give me some names of stores such as Sears, The Bay, Payless Shoes, Wal-Mart, Footlocker, local shoe stores etc? Thanks in advance

  2. What are good slip resistant shoes and where can i find them?

    I just started working and need slip resistant shoes. I need something comfortable. Where could I find good slip resistant shoes? Preferably in a store, and not online?

  3. What are the first 90 days like for a new payless shoesource employee?

    I will be new into the payless workforce, I heard there was a lot of training. What are things I will need to learn? What are things I should know? What should I expect? I want to do a good job as a new employee. Thanks. You just need to be positive, answer the questions with enthusiasm, and you have to want to work.

  4. Why do some coupons have Math Questions at the bottom that Canadian residence must answer?

    I have a coupon from Payless shoes and at the bottom it says, "Canadian residents only: To receive this discount, you must first correctly answer, unaided in any way, the math skill testing question below. Question: Add 42 + 16; then subtract 18; then multiply by 2; then divide by 10."

  5. what are some really comfortable dress shoes that are not too expensive for men?

    I may be starting a new job where I'm going to be on my feet most all day and have to be dressed nice. I'm also in college so I don't have a lot of money so cheep is also a good thing but I do need them to be comfortable as well. any suggestions are much appreciated. Also I will have to wear a nice dress shirt with slacks to give you an idea of what kind of shoe would go with that if that helps.

  6. how/where can i get printable coupons for payless?

    I really want to buy this pair of shoes from payless but my mom wouldn't buy them for me. I have some money saved and i think i can get them if i have a coupon of something but i don't know where to get them or even if i can.

  7. Where do you get cheap jazz shoes?

    Is there any online stores with jazz shoes under about 25 dollars. Also are there any coupon codes I can use online that you know of? Please leave links to websites as well. Thanks!

  8. How many clothes should I get for freshmam?/what should I get?

    like how many shirts shoes jeans and other stuff. I was thinking like 3 skinnys and a pair or two of shorts. but idk how many shirts..without repeting the same top a lot plz list your recommended stores also im on a budget probably 200 only on clothes, shoes backpack ect. what would you get/ recommend? tips on first day. thank you!! 10 POINTS!!

  9. How do you dress fashionably on a low budget?

    I want to change up my look a little, I ALWAYS wear t-shirts and jeans and I want to change that. Any ideas on what stores have cute, trendy stuff for less? So far I've found that Delias, Macys (with their stuff on sale) and Forever 21 have the best stuff.