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Payless Shoes Locations Questions Answered!

  1. Can someone tell me where I can buy tap dance shoes?

    I want to buy my sister tap dance shoes for Christmas which she's been longing to do for 3 years now. Can someone recommend me a store in Manhattan where I can buy them, if possible some where that majors in dance shoes not like payless?

  2. Shoe warehouses or cheap stores in the south BAY?

    Hi. I'm looking for a shoes warehouse or some reasonably priced shoe stores, even in a mall. Not looking for Payless, Ross and that type of stuff. Rather a store like Off broadway shoes, possibly cheaper though. Thx!

  3. What kind of online shoes shop does the American like?

    Could somebody give me some links of advice of your local people like on links that sell shoes or bags or something? All the web should be fit for American people? To their hobby , manner , lacalization!!! i really need it no this is not what i need?but thanks all the same?could some body help me

  4. Where can I buy Converse Chucks or knock-offs for $30 or less?

    I would prefer actual shops with physical locations rather than obscure internet sellers or people on eBay or Amazon. It doesn't matter whether the shoes are for men or women. (I am already aware of the Airwalk Kicks at Payless, but I don't believe they sell those anymore.) Thank you so much!

  5. How do you get your uniform at Chick Fil a?

    How is the Chick Fil a uniform like and when do I get it when I go into orientation or when I start working?

  6. I am interested in Podiatry need detailed information?

    I need to know specifically what college course I should take. Also some general information on Podiatry. This is one of the few high paying careers I think I would be good at and enjoy doing. I want to get started ASAP seeing as how I am already 20 years old.

  7. Where can I get track shoes for a good price...?

    I'm joining track this season and I wanted to get some track shoes, not at this moment though, like about a month or two of track i want to acquire some spiked track shoes. Where could I get GOOD track shoes for less than 25$$[NOT online]? Does walmart or payless sell track shoes?

  8. Where's a good location to shop a 1st day of school outfit?

    Where should i get my outfit 4 the 1st day of my 7th grade? I'm informed that Hollister, Abercrombie kids, American Eagle and Aeropostale is going 2 b a trendsetting style list 4 my school but I dont know what cute outfit 2 mix it with. plz help. just send me some website links about the outfits and different pieces of the cute outfits and whoever has the cutest outfit will get 10 points... do well. cheaper clothes can b selected 2. thnx and bye!