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Payless Shoes Online Questions Answered!

  1. how discreet is payless shoes online orders?

    I am buying a Christmas gift for my sister and would like to know how discreet payless shoes' packaging for online orders is. On her birthday I had got her something from Kmart and I said what it was right on the package so she found out. Would like to avoid that as much as possible.

  2. Ordered shoes online from Payless, can I return them at the store?

    I ordered shoes online from Payless, but I need they half a size larger. Can I go to the store and return them for a bigger pair?

  3. I need job references for a job application but dont have any?

    I'm trying to apply for payless shoes online. I've never worked before. And I have to put down 2 references before I can continue the application. I don't know what to do or who to put. I've never been on sports teams or volunteered anywhere. I literally have nobody to put down. I just graduated highschool but don't have teachers phone numbers. Do I put down some family members then? My mom? My sister? And what does it mean by "reference name" "title" and "employer"?

  4. Where can i get good shoes for prom online?

    I want a pair of silver heels for my prom, i think silver will go good with my dress. (Tony bowls 112709). My clutch is silver with some diamonds on it (fake of course). Payless shoes doesnt really have anything i like and i find most shoes to be really plain there. I dont mind buying from online but i prefer canadian sites.

  5. What stores sell women's size 11 and 12 shoes on a budget?

    I'm looking for shoes for under $30 or so (less than that would be great). Buying shoes online is not an option, it has to be an actual retail store. I already know about Payless and Marshalls. Any suggestions?

  6. Where to buy shoes when you have big feet?

    I have big feet, usually size 11 or 12. I have found that stores like JC Penny and Kohls only sell up to size 10. I can usually find the right size at Target or Payless, but these are generally cheap and uncomfortable. I don't want to buy shoes online either because I can't try them on. What stores sell good shoes in my size?

  7. Where can I find large womens shoes?

    I am tired of ordering shoes online and would like to shop at actual stores besides Payless, Avenue, etc.. I wear a size 12(womens) and most stores stop at size 11. I live in California.