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Payless Shoes Canada Questions Answered!

  1. How come I can't buy shoes from Payless Shoe Source online?

    And get my order shipped to Canada?

  2. What kind of shoes/boots do you wear in a city/suburb area during a snowy winter?

    I'm going on a trip to Calgary, Canada this winter and I'm not sure what kind of footwear I should get since I'm from the south and we never get snow. Would regular Timberland boots work? Any ideas?

  3. Whats a good place to get casual shoes in Canada?

    I am getting new shoes for school but i dont know where and what kind to get. I was thinking getting converse but i can't find a store that sells them :[ And no i am not looking for the fake ones and i can't order online. I am a 14 yr old girl. Thanks guys and links would be awesome! No wal-mart, k-mart, target, zellers, sears or any thing like that please! :D Thanks

  4. Where can I buy cheap Converse shoes in Canada?

    I wanna find some Converse shoes, but not expensive ones. Under $30.00, and girls sizes, and not online. I sometimes buy Converse-looking shoes from Payless, but they don't last long. I live in British Columbia, Canada.

  5. Where is a good store to buy toddler shoes?

    I have a 1 year old daughter who is just learning to walk and I would like to get her a good pair of running shoes. She is a size 5 and I live in Ontario Canada. Where is a good store to get shoes that will support her ankle and legs since she is still wobbly. I would prefer a store that will measure her feet in case she is wearing the wrong size.

  6. Where can I buy supra shoes for women in canada?

    I really like the supra shoes but i don't want to order online, so can i buy it in store in canada. Like payless, or something. Thanks

  7. Where can I find crisp white spring boots, that are animal friendly?

    I am a vegetarian and I do not wear leather. I live in Victoria, B.C, Canada. I have been looking for some chic white boots that have a bit of a heel, and go mid calf or just under the knee. Any suggestions of sites or stores that would have something like this for a good price?

  8. I need to find womens shoes for big feet?

    I have size 10 feet and have a difficult time finding shoes. I am looking for casual shoes for school. I want to order online bacause stores never have my size. Do you know if there are any websites that ship to Canada because i am having trouble finding any. Thanks!

  9. How much would a pair of converse cost?

    i live in canada and im a size 7. i want it in black