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Best Running Shoes 2013 Questions Answered!

  1. Are barefeet running shoes any different from casual shoes?

    I have a wornout-ish pair of vans that i run in. it feels decent and i can definitely feel grass patches. is there any point of buying running shoes that give you a "barefoot like feel" im asking this because i want to buy a pair of nike flex 2013 running shoes.

  2. What are thinks i need to know for my basketball tournament?

    Well, i am on the intermediate girls basketball team and i am kinda clueless because i haven't been to one before this is my first year trying out. My friend and i decided that we would both go together because we both suck at sports. Im want to know what type of clothes to wear i know you have to wear shorts but it's cold ( duh its winter IN CANADA) so do i were capri sweatpants I don't know you tell me. Also what to bring like things like running shoes etc. Most of all ENCOURAGEMENT. Some good and easy drills and stretches to do for the next day before the tournament like running because i suck at running. Please try to answer before January,9,2013 THANK YOU

  3. How to spot fake Nike Air Max 2013 shoes?

    Bought a pair from ebay (from the US) and the price was a little lower than what most go for so that was the first reason I became skeptical. Received them and something seems very off about them. The color of the shoe isn't a color I am familiar with, it seems to be a mix between emerald and neo turquoise which I didn't think was made, and the sole is a slightly off version of that color which doesn't seem right either. The sole where the Nike+ sensor goes is very poorly made and that appears to be one of the obvious spots that give it away. The insoles are very flimsy and made of a weird material that looks recycled? They are not marked with a Nike logo anywhere, just an Asian character. Everything about the shoe seems a bit off, for being brand new top of the line Nike running shoes. Anyone have any good tips on what EXACTLY to look for when comparing?

  4. Best pair of sprint spikes for sprinters running 55m to 200m?

    I'm looking for the best pair of sprint spikes available on the market that fit well for sprinters running 55m to 200m races (no hurdles). I've looked quickly online before but a lot of the websites I find are outdated as well as the shoe and I'm looking for anything more relevant for 2010 to 2013. I've heard well reviews for Asics and Nike but I've never owned Asics and I've heard you pay for more of the name for Nike and not as much as the quality so I'm a little caught in the middle. I'm not looking for something to show off really, just something that will definitely help me. Yesterday was my first track meet and I got a 7.67 on the 55M and a 28.06 on the 200M and I really want to improve my performance because yesterday I was one of the very few using a regular pair of running shoes (Under Armour). And I'm new to the sprint box too, yesterday was the first time I used it and I only used it for the 55m and not the 200m and placed 4/6 and 5/6. Thanks.

  5. What are some low profile running shoes comparable to these specific examples?

    For example/reference, I really love these shoes: Asics Mexico 66 white with blue stripes Puma Fast Cat black on white, "2013 Converse Pro Star Retro Casual Sports Shoes Black" (Which I have only been able to find on one site using this exact name) I bought the Pumas, I plan on buying the converse, but the Asics are discontinued and really expensive/really hard to find now. The main things I'm looking for are the low profile sleek design with a slim sole and a little bit of color or side design. I've browsed several shoe stores and haven't been able to find anything that fits what I'm looking for. I'm looking for any advice about brands or styles to check out as well as keywords to help me find what I'm looking for. Thanks!

  6. What clothes are in style for back to school clothes 2013-2014?

    I am 13, female and going to go clothes shopping for school soon. What things are in style? What things arent? I am also going to get a new pair of shoes and cant decide what to get: flats, sneakers or other kinds. Any ideas for cute shoes too? THANKS!!!!

  7. Do you think this a good idea for generating renweable energy for the future?

    Hello there, thank you for your answers, in advance. Basically here is what I've recently been thinking a lot about, it has to do with the concept of 'Generating and using electricity' freely (means no energy companies charging you money) within the confines of home and domestic lifestyle. So here is my idea, for how I envision people to live off of free energy that they create and store for themselves in their homes, in the future. (I don't know if something similar has been thought of yet. But regardless here it is): The general idea is this: Whatever action a person commits, whether it be walking, running, exercising in gym, typing, talking, basically anything you do which involves parts of your body moving. I thought that a person can use a small portable device (I call it 'The Pod' lol), that your fit onto your wrist or onto your waist belt. And this device basically registers all of your movements throughout a working day, (lets say 8-10 hours of work) and converts your actions and movements into stored energy, i.e. Watts. And also at the same time, it can also use the solar power from the sun, to collect and store energy. i also thought that you can use this pod to fit onto your car. So that kinetic energy produced from the wheels whilst drving around to work can be used to store up and collect electrical energy. Moreover I thought that your car could be fitted with neat, discrete solar panels on the roof or bonnet, so that when you are at work, your Pod device will still be collecting and storing energy from the sun. And at the end of each working day you take you pod device and plug it into your home system, and then this home system will detract all of the energy from the pod to use or store for later. Now im no rocket scientist, so I have no idea on how the intricate details of this device would work. But I sure as hell am aware that it is definetly possible, my question to you however is, is it practical or reliable enough to run a home?

  8. why do i get stomach cramps when i run? How can i prevent them?

    i use to be a fast runner w/ my period in six grade (no cramps) and by 8th grade i slowed down because i get stomach cramps when i run. Now im in ninth grade class of 2013 and i still get running cramps. i don't eat then run, i do warm up but i just get running cramps.

  9. Can using the wrong oil in a car cause the engine to blow up?

    Last week the oil light came on in my car. I drove it for about 4km before I could get to a petrol station to get some oil. As I was unsure what oil to use I asked the guy at the register and he suggested an oil for my car. I checked the oil and it was just below the lower marker. I immediately topped up the oil so it was sitting at about the middle of the two markers. I drove the car back home which was about 5km. The car was running as usual. About an hour later I drove 40 km. Everything was normal. Later that day I drove a further 20 km. A car suddenly pulled out in front of me and I braked to avoid it. That's when the car suddenly started to shake/tremble and it cut out. I started it up again to move it off the road and it did the same thing again. I had it looked at by a roadside service mechanic who told me it was one of the coils. I had the car towed to a mechanic and the next day I was told all 4 coils were fine and that the engine needed to be replaced. I think he said that one of the cylinders had no pressure when he tested it but he couldn't really tell if it was repairable until he pulled it apart. He said it would cost around $6500 for a reconditioned engine. Is it possible to have blown the engine by using the wrong oil in the car? The car is a 2000 Toyota Tarago which has done around 350000km. Around 3 1/2 months ago I had some extensive work done on the car as I wanted to keep it for at least a few more years. I have had the car since new. The repairs cost me $3000. The work I had done was: 1. A full transmission service which included replacing the filter and pan gasket, refilled with new fluid, cleared and reset the system, road tested the car and reset level. 2. Replaced rocker cover gasket. (oil leak) Stripped down the engine, cleaned the area as required and replaced the rocker cover gasket. 3. Replace top engine mount, replaced the (cracked) top engine mount. 4. Replaced water pump,, flushed out the cooling system, refilled with the correct type of coolant. 5. Power steering pump replaced due to leaking, refilled the fluid to the correct level. Checked the operation. 6. Had the engine tuned and spark plugs replaced, checked the operation. 7. Replaced the rear shock absorbers. 8. Replaced the front brake pads and machined discs. Removed and refitted wheels and calipers. 9. Replaced rear brake pads and machined discs. Replaced the hand brake shoes and set up. Removed and refitted calipers. I thought having all this work done would more or less guarantee that something like this could not possibly happen. As I know absolutely nothing about cars I am wondering if its worth going back to the mechanic who did all this work and lodging a claim against him as he pretty much led me to believe that the car was as good as new and would require no major work for a while, as long as it was serviced as required. Since these repairs I had not clocked up enough Kms to require a service for the car. So the last time the car was at the mechanic was on the 25th January 2013 when all this work was done. So basically I'm wanting to know 2 things. Was the damage to the engine caused by using the wrong oil? Do I go back o the mechanic and lodge a claim for faulty workmanship and/or parts? I was told I had a 12 month warranty on the mechanical repairs including parts and labour.

  10. What should I be able to do at a ballet audition?

    Hi, I have been dancing since I was five and am now turning 14 next month. I'm taking summer classes and dance only 3.5 hours a week. I have been on pointe for a year and three months. My dance teacher has not taught us turns on pointe besides soutenus and chaînés. I want to audition For PNB's summer intensive in January in 2013 but I don't know what to expect. What do they usually have you do en pointe at the auditions?