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Zappos Shoes Online Questions Answered!

  1. Where do you buy shoes online?

    I am a size 9 usually on shoes, never bought shoes online before, but there is so much more variety and deals online than any physical stores... Do you buy shoes online? Which web sites do you like the most?? Thanks!

  2. where is a good place to buy shoes online?

    i need shoes for my eighth grade dance . I need a place to buy really cute, but good quality shoes online. Any suggestions?

  3. What are some great websites to shop online for shoes?

    or where do you personally shop for shoes online?

  4. What is your favorite online shopping source?

    I like zappos.com for the shoes, but I find a pair I like in the store first, then I go to Zappos to buy them because they're usually like 30% cheaper, and you shouldn't just buy shoes online since you can't try them on.

  5. What's a good online store where I can buy inexpensive bridal shoes?

    I figure it's safe to buy shoes online. That's at least something that doesn't change depending on the manufacturer.

  6. Where can I buy stylish shoes online?

    I've been looking on Zappos but their shoes seem to be getting more expensive.

  7. Which online internet retailer do you buy your shoes from?

    I am collecting statistics on where people buy their shoes from online. It would be helpful if you include in your answer, why you choose to buy from there. Thank you for your answers.