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Zappos Shoes Womens Shoes Questions Answered!

  1. What is a good website for cute/trendy womens shoes?

    I am looking for some trendy shoes or boots for this winter. I don't want to pay a lot. I would like to find stuff thats under $50.

  2. what are the best brands of shoes with GREAT arch support?

    i have really high arches in my feet and need an athletic shoe with a lot of arch support. right now i have kangaROOS which are the BEST shoes i've ever worn, but apparently they've stopped making the specific type i have and i cant find any womens shoes on their website. i need some really comfortable shoes, i dont care what they cost i'll pay $200 if they're good shoes. does anyone know of really great brands that have a really high arch support? im thinking about buying asics gel craze shoes, or something on zappos. does anyone have a pair of those and are they good shoes? thanks.

  3. What is a good yet cheap shoe website?

    Hi. I need a pair of silver dressy shoes, gotta be heels, and I was just wondering if there are any good cheap websites that I can look at. I tried Zappos but they are kinda pricey. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

  4. What kind of shoes to wear while working at Bath and Body Works?

    I just got a job and the shoe description isn't all that clear. I know closed toe, but black or white? It says no keds, does that include funsteps (lol i know they are similar) And if no to that, then what kind of shoes are left to wear? I dont wanna wear heels but i want them cute...pictures, ideas??

  5. Where can I find women's shoes rated for quality?

    It seems there are only two types of shoe stores: cheaply made (whether priced low or not), and the ultra-expensive. Where can I find a list of brand names of women's shoes (sporty hikers, fashionable water-resistant ankle high boots for snow, and heels) rated by quality?

  6. What summertime shoes are appropriate for the office?

    I have large feet so I have a hard time finding shoes that fit, let alone heels. I'm 5'11" and am self conscious enough about being tall, so I don't like wearing heels. What other shoes can I wear during the summer months that are approriate for the office? Shoes that I can wear with skirts and dresses? Like mary-janes?? I don't want to look goofy and I don't want my feet to sweat yuk!

  7. where can transwomen find bigger size shoe and clothing?

    well im mtf, and i have a hard time finding shoe and cloths that fit. i wear a womens size 15 shoe, and size 24t pants and 3x shirts.

  8. What shoes to wear with a blue and white dress?

    I just bought this dress and I LOVE it but I have no idea what shoes to wear with it! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190320546732&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT Anyone have some suggestions? I haven't been able to find some cute white pumps or strappy sandles. If you can find any give me a link! I'd be oh so grateful.