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Zappos Shoes Store Questions Answered!

  1. what is a good shoe store that ships to new zealand?

    A shoe store that you can trust and can ship to new zealand eg: nike id, nike online shop. A store that you can trust and it has the main brands like nike,adidas , puma.

  2. What online stores will ship in under a week?

    I need a pair of gold pumps by Halloween and couldn't find a pair I liked at the mall today. What are any online shoe stores that will ship in less a week?

  3. What store sell larger sizes in woman shoes?

    I am 23 and I have big feet. My problem is I like to dress like every other girl my age, but all the shoe stores that I have been only have old lady shoes. No high heels, no cute sandals. Someone help me please. If the store is online that is fine. Thanks!! I am a size 12 US.

  4. Where can I find size 11 MACBETH Bonham United shoes?

    I'm looking for an online location that sells the macbeth bonham united shoes black/white in size 11. Every online store I have found does not have the shoe or size. Is there a better online shoe store than Zappos? This is the only one that keeps coming up! Thanks!

  5. What are some reputable shoe stores (especially online) that sell women's sizes 12+?

    I would like to know of some stores that aren't internet scams, and don't have cheap quality shoes. Also stores with a lot of variety because often stores will have only a handful of shoes in larger sizes, and they are the ugliest shoes in the store. Online stores that have many actual locations are appreciated and preferred. Name as many as possible, but if you are at all skeptical about the quality or trustworthiness of the store or site, then don't list it. Thank you in advance!

  6. What is a good online store for women with big feet to shop for shoes?

    I'm 13 years old, and I wear size 11.5 in women. I want to find a good online shoe store where I can get cute shoes, that aren't to expensive.

  7. What are best stores to get high heels from for prom?

    So I got my prom dress which is a simple looking long dress that is coral. I'm on the next step now, looking for perfect heels to go with my dress. I'm thinking of getting strappy high heels because my dress is high low :) Helppp? Any shoe stores in mind like Steve Madden etc? Any help would be much appreciated!

  8. How can I tell if the Ugg boots I bought are authentic?

    I bought the boots for full price at a small shoe store in New York City. The boots have all the signs of the Ugg, the box, the tags and the soles appear to be real, but when I tried on a pair at Journeys store they felt so different from the pair I own. What are the sure tell-tell signs that I may have been dupped?

  9. What are some online stores with free shipping?

    Why are some reliable online clothing/shoes/beauty stores (that sell things for teen girls) with free shipping (like Zappos and asos)? Thanks! I love online shopping and hate paying for shipping!