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Brooks Running Shoes Questions Answered!

  1. What Brooks brand running shoes should I buy?

    I have bought brooks running shoes before and love them! I think the ones I have now are brooks burn, but am not 100% sure. Anyone have any recommendations on other BROOKS BRAND shoes that I might like.

  2. What is the significance of the number after the letters GTS in Brooks running shoes? The version?

    I'm shopping for a new pair of Brooks Adrenaline running shoes. I currently wear the GTS 8 style. I've found GTS 7 for sale cheaper. Are they the same shoe but last years model?

  3. Best place 2 buy brooks running shoes in and around San jose ca?

    Hi guys, I have my first half marathon this weekend and I m looking to buy good brooks running shoes in and Arnd San jose ca. I cud also go to city if I find better shoes there.. Please suggest..

  4. What's the best type of running shoe for a person with flat feet?

    I'm about 6'1" 225 lbs and I'm looking for a shoe made for people with flat feet. I had some Brooks running shoes a while back that were good. I'm looking for something to put 30-50 miles per week on. Thanks!

  5. The Brooks Ghost Running Shoe burns and hurts my feet when I run?

    I just bought the new Brooks Ghost running shoe and went on a 5 mile run. At first it felt great but by the 2nd or 3rd mile I started to feel a burn in my foot. As I continued I felt the frame of the bottom of the shoe dig into my skin, and it started to become unbearable to keep up my pace. I usually run in lightweight shoes, and flats. Has anyone else experienced this? Or is this just normal for breaking in the shoe. Please answer, before I return these things.

  6. Do running shoes and running spikes of the same brand fit the same?

    If I have a pair of Brooks running shoes in a 7 and I'm looking to order the Brooks spikes, should I get a 7 for those as well? Thankss no, i mean the shoes. theyre commonly just referred to as spikes sorry. i do know the actual spikes are compatible with almost every types of shoes...

  7. What's the best type of running shoe for moderate overpronation and neutral arch?

    What's the best type of running shoe for moderate overpronation and neutral arch? I am trying to look for new running shoes. I am picking up running again slowly after having "runner's knee" and am looking for the best type of shoe that will give me lots of cushioning and also work with some slight overpronation. i heard that brooks and asics were good. i was wondering about adidas and of any other specific type of shoe out there that may be worth giving a try.

  8. How many miles should I get out of my running shoes?

    I'm a very large framed runner and I remember being told that you should get about 100 miles out of a good pair of running shoes for an average build. I am about 235 lbs. and I find my knees and back start to bother me after about 50 miles of usage. I wear Brooks Beast, which are supposed to be the best shoes for someone my size with flat feet. After I replace them, the knee pain and back pain subside again. Does this sound about right to you other runners out there? Just want to know because it is expensive to replace them every few months.

  9. What type of running shoes should I buy?

    I want to start running more and I would like some good running shoes. Currently I am at 1 &1/2 to 2 miles but I will be doing a 5k in June. I also want to do the Mackinac Island 10k run in September. I have low, almost flat, arched feet. I want the Nike Eclipse running shoes but I don't know if those will be right for me.

  10. What are good running shoes for beginners?

    Are there good running shoes at a reasonable price? Also what type of socks do I use? Any help is appreciated!