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Zappos Shoes For Men Questions Answered!

  1. Where can i find dress shoes for men?

    i mean do you know any websites with nice looking dress shoes for men?

  2. What are some web sits that sell designer shoes for men?

    OK you know that I want to buy designer shoes but here is the hard part I have size 13-14 feet and to me it looks like no web site's that sells designer shoes in thoes sizes. I need your help. PS right now I am looking for sandals.

  3. Does anyone know where I can find an all suede puma roma shoe in a size 14? I can't find them anywhere?

    I want to find an all suede puma roma pair of shoes for men in a size 14. I have searched everywhere and can't find them. Can anyone help?

  4. Where can I buy high quality formal elevator shoes that are not noticeable?

    I am a guy who is slightly under 5 foot 6 inches and considering buying elevator shoes. I need to buy a pair of brown and black shoes that I can wear to work. I start my job in August so I have time to consider the matter. Please dont say "you dont need them" or "just be yourself". I understand what youre saying and I have heard it before. I have a prestigious financial job offer and a beautiful girlfriend, I simply would like to have them to feel a little better in large social settings and in the workplace.

  5. Where can I find converse but in all different colors?

    (Shoes for guys) Because I go to a store and they only got the same color like black. But on the girl's side they got all these different colors and stuff. Can someone please tell me where I can find at least 12 colors (Like the crayon box) in one store. Plus I live in QC, Canada.

  6. Where can i get shoes that are over size 13 and not ugly looking?

    I'm 14 and my shoe size is about 13.5 and i'm just wondering if there's any websites that sell shoes around that size or larger with a reasonable price besides zappos, because no stores around my area sell shoes in my size and if they do they're hideous/men's shoes. I get my shoes at zappos at the moment but eh. . . I can't find any girly ones that i like and i keep ordering the same ones.

  7. Anyone know any decent shoe companies on the web?

    For myself so male shoes, im 23yr Uni Student, i need a pair of shoes that can be used for everyday use but are smarter than a pair of trainers or skate shoes. Anyone got any ideas?

  8. Do you know where I can get good men's shoes for flat feet?

    My teen has feet that are wide and flat, and most shoes hurt his feet. Anybody out there have flat feet? Where do you buy your shoes?