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Aldo Shoes Online Questions Answered!

  1. Has anyone had problems with Aldo shoes ordering online?

    I have ordered shoes online from Aldo shoes the payment has been taken out of my account and I went to collect the salesman said I did not have the correct receipt I had taken all my receipts in plus id as it stated and I cannot get my boots any idea what I can do. Customer service is in Canada and will not reply thanks.

  2. How similar do the delli aldo shoes fit in comparison to the aldo shoes bought in-store?

    It's out of season for boots so I can't really find any that I like in the Aldo stores and none are in stock online. I found some pairs online that go by the name Delli Aldo and want to order, but didn't want to screw up picking the correct size. I wear a 10 (43 Europe) in the pairs of regular Aldo shoes that I own. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Can anyone ship a pair of aldo shoes to the USA?

    I am dying to get a pair of aldo shoes, but they are only available in Canada. Would anyone be so kind to order them for me online in the aldo store online in Canada and them ship them to me to the US? I, of course, will pay for everything.

  4. Is there any online store which dispatches Aldo SWAREY shoes in Cyprus?

    Is impossible for me to find any online store which dispatches Aldo SWAREY shoes to Cyprus. Does anybody know any site?

  5. Is there a site the tells me where I can get military discounts?

    Does anyone know if Aldo shoes has military Discount? Or any site that would tell me. Thanks!

  6. Where can i find cheap oxfords ?

    Where can i find cheap oxfords under $50 ? And please dont say ebay or amazon cause im not going there . Aldo had a pair that were on sale but they ran out of my size . And also if you could let me know when aldo shoes go on sale online that would be great ! Thanks !

  7. Inserts to make dress shoes fit better?

    I bought a pair of the cutest shoes online, and they are a little big, is there any kind of insert I can put in them to make them fit a little better? I really want to keep them because they are the style I want, and I have been looking shoes like this for a long time. They are white flat dress shoes. Any solutions you can recommend, would be greatly appreciated! :) Thanks!

  8. What is the best web-site to shop for heels online?

    I want to buy heels online, like from like 20- 50 $ and i can't find a good website please help

  9. What is a good website that has alot of cute shoes at a clearance price?

    I am in need of a completely new wardrobe for my new job, but I have limited funds. I really could use quite a few pair of heels for my career clothing, so I thought I could maybe find some steals online.

  10. how to choose the right aldo mens sneaker size online?

    so i wanna buy some aldo sneakers online but dont know if the size will be to big for me....i use like a 7 or 6 in converse, preferably 6 and was wondering if a 7 in aldos is too big?