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Aldo Shoes Website Questions Answered!

  1. How old do you have to be to work at Aldo shoes?

    I was wondering how old you needed to be to work at the Aldo shoes (or accesories) in the Garden State Plaza since there isn't much information about employment on the Aldo website.

  2. What are some websites that sell items cheap because some minor thing is wrong with them?

    Such as shoes. I was shown a website that sold shoes 60% off because the shoe laces weren't laced, but I can't remember what it was.

  3. What shoes should I wear to my semi formal?

    I have a semi formal in June. I was wondering what shoes should I wear to my semi formal? My dress is Ice Blue. I am wearing my hair in curls and with a waterfall braid around my head. Thanks so much!

  4. Wear can I find shoes for girls with big feet?

    I'm a size 10/11 in shoes and it's such a pain to find shoes that fit. I can squeeze into new look's size 9 wide fit shoes, but some of these are extremely painful. I do go on Tall girls for some shoes but I find them quite expensive. Please help me!

  5. What are some of the best teen clothing and furniture stores?

    I really like looking at websites and shopping online, and christmas is coming up and i need ideas! help!

  6. where can i find plus size shoes with a suited style for an adolescent?

    im 16 female, and have have a size 11-12 (42-43) foot, is there anywhere online based in australia where i can get stylish shoes for the same price id pay in stores?

  7. What should I get for my summer wardrobe?

    Ok this year I have almost nothing for my summer wardrobe, most of my old clothes are too small for me...which is good, because i get more :) Anyway, what kind of things should I buy? I'd mostly just wear like maybe shorts, flip-flops and um some kind of shirt but what specifically do u think i should get? links to websites would be great! i like hollister and abercrombie and pacsun kind of clothes but i don't always have that much money to spend...yeah thanks!

  8. Is there a Website where I can create my own shoes?

    Ive tried Reebok Nike and Converse, but there just not my style. I like Aldo shoe, Dsquared2, Alexander Mcqueen and Marc Jacob. Is there such a site where I can make my shoes with straps and exotic styles? Also is there another where I can make my own clothes? Like Jeans and shirts. Thank you

  9. What is a cute, fun brand of shoes (flats, heels, wedges, etc) for teenage girls?

    I really want some new spring/summer shoes, but i don't know what websites or stores to check out. What are some of your favorite brands? Thanks :)