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Aldo Shoes Coupon Questions Answered!

  1. Where can I find cute blue wedding shoes?

    I am looking for some cute blue wedding shoes with no to a small heel. My wedding is July so I would prefer a summery type shoe. I would appreciate any suggestions of heels that I can buy that are below $50. Thanks!

  2. I just got hired into a high fashioned store in the mall, what do I wear?

    I went for a group interview at a store called Aldo (it's a shoes and accessories store). I wore dress pants, a cute khaki jacket, light yellow shirt underneath, and brown flats. The manager checked how we were dressed and told me "everyone except you[me] has cute shoes on..." She said that you must dress very fashionable b/c Aldo is always 4-5 months ahead in fachion. Please help me find out what to wear...it's hard to find good clothes cheap, everything is sooo expensive!

  3. Discount coupons for Aldo shoes?

    How to get discount and price coupons for Aldo shoes in India. Want to buy Aldo shoes for women in India.

  4. what are some good online shoe stores for women as far as dressy and casual?

    I am looking for websites that offer cute resonable shoes for the everyday working YOUNG woman such as myself. I already know about ninewest, bakers, lovemyshoes.com,and aldo. I am looking for additonal websites. If anybody out there can help me I would really be so grateful.

  5. Aldo Shoes 15 % off coupon?

    Can anyone give me the 15% coupon code for Aldo Shoes. They give it to you when you sign up for their newsletter, but something is wrong with their web site and I can't sign up. Tried to call them - impossible! Horrible customer service. I really want these shoes but with 15 % off. Thanks!

  6. Aldo coupons 2011?I need printable aldo shoes promo code,thx!?

    Can any one give me some aldo promotion codes available 2011?I really want buy aldo new style shoes but with 10%- 15 % off ,because i do not have too much money.Printable,Prome or coupon code both are ok! very thinkful for help!!!!!

  7. Where are good online shoe shopping sites? (Discount)?

    I would like to buy sneakers, flats, etc, those kind of shoes - but at reduced prices. I've heard of DSW - but it's still expensive 6 pm works, but sometimes they don't have good shoes Spring + Aldo, etc - too much for shipping Any suggestions/

  8. ladies: where can i find black or gray pumps at an affordable price?

    hi :] im looking for a pair of really tall black or gray pumps/heels/platforms for cheap? & comfortable/expensive looking ive gone to aldo's, wild pair, bakers- they have nice pumps but for like $150--->i would like to pay $80 or less also if you know of any coupons i can use for the 3 stores i just mentioned let me know thanks :}

  9. Do dress shoes ever go on sale at Aldo?

    there are these $100 dress shoes from Aldo, hoping they'll go on sale...