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Aldo Shoes Canada Questions Answered!

  1. Is Aldo Shoes a Private Company or Public Traded On the Market?

    I am trying to compare the performance of Steve Madden compared to Aldo, but cannot find anything in reference to Aldo Shoes (based in Canada) as a Public company. Does anyone know?

  2. Can I exchange shoes from the us in canada?

    I bought these shoes from aldo in the us and it's a little bit tight. They also have these shoes in vancouver where i live and I was wondering if i could exchange it here for a bigger one? thanks!

  3. I really need a cute pair of flats for fall?

    I need a cute pair of flat shoes or boots that i can wear in fall or winter. They are for work were I dress business casual.

  4. Can I order a pair of shoes on ALDO from Canada?

    I live in the US and I was wondering if I can order a pair of shoes I want from the Canada website.

  5. Can anyone recommend a clothing store i might like ?

    I want to try shopping at some new stores , but i'm not sure which stores i will like . my favorite stores right now are ; aeropostale . american eagle . sirens . ardenes ( for accessories ) . west 49 . stitches . smart set . eclipse . aldo ( for shoes ) . i'm a girly girl , and i want a reasonably priced store . p.s , i live in Nova Scotia , Canada , so i don't have access to stores like forever 21 , :( . thanks in advance , (: .

  6. What stores have nice gladiator sandals?

    Preferrably brown sandals...no heels, and not the kind that have the straps that go up to your knees. I saw some really nice ones at Feet First last year and I regret not getting them :( The stores have to be in Canada. Thanks :]

  7. Where can I find some shoes like this for under $25 online?

    Shoes very similar to these. Could be knee boots or ankle. But the heel must be kind of short and a bit chunky. (United States) Cheap is the key word!!! Thank you ;-) http://www.office.co.uk/womens/office/betsie_boot/17/5644/15251/1/ Oh yeah, Ive tried places like payless, sears, target etc...they are all ugly tho.

  8. i am looking for White 4" high heels in leather, patent leather, or man-made material, Peep toe style?

    Aldo in Canada has the perfect pair, but they will NOT ship to the US . Any suggestions?