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Aldo Shoes Usa Questions Answered!

  1. Does anyone know how much an assistant manager at Aldo Shoes makes, roughly?

    I just wasn't an average or a rough estimate. I live in Indiana, USA. I got offered a job there and I wasn't to know if I should take it before I quit my current management position.

  2. What shoe stores are at the Avenues Mall in Jacksonville, FL?

    I am going shopping at the Avenues mall while I am visiting Jacksonvilleand I need shoes. So what are some reasonably priced place to get some cute wedges/flatts?

  3. Are there any of these stores in Bangkok?

    I have an upcoming Bangkok trip, i'd like to ask if there are stores of these following brands in Bangkok: - Herschel Supply Co. - Apple Store - DC Shoes USA store - Nike Shoes - Quiksilver - Aldo Shoes - Casio G-Shock(any watch/time store)

  4. What's something really funny I can say in my speech on Demi Lovato?

    I want the class to laugh when I say somehting nice but funny about Demi lovato because i have to talk about how her potential relates to me or give me something i can say to them that will engage the audience because i want people to be immediately aware of what i have to say about her and really get them connected to my speech. Please and thank you

  5. What clothes, are in for High schoolers? & where can i get them from?

    I will be in High school next year. What should I get, ? ( clothes wise) Shoes & accesories also

  6. what are some things to do in the Freehold mall?

    what are some fun things to do in Freehold Raceway Mall? i know theres build a bear-- but is there anything else fun?

  7. What stores are in the Haywood Mall?

    Located in Greenville, South Carolina Is there a Pac-Sun?

  8. where can i find 5 to 6 inch heels with a hidden platform that don't look like hooker heels?

    they can be a heel or an ankle boot. i want something pretty, not hookerish. examples: http://www.style.com/slideshows/fashionshows/S2006RTW/BALENCIA/DETAILS/00140m.jpg but with a hidden platform in the front