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Bakers Shoes Website Questions Answered!

  1. Where can i buy 3 layer fringe suede boots?

    I can find them online on websites such as ebay but I'd like to try them on before i buy them.Do you know any stores that might have them to purchase? I checked Bakers, Shoe Carnival, etc. but none of them had them. Please help!

  2. Where can I find sparkling leggings?

    Okay so on the Bakers Shoes website, under the boots category (http://www.bakersshoes.com/category3.aspx?c=271&p=all&s=) there is a picture of sparkly leggings. They look thick and very sparkly. Where can I find a pair that are extremely similar to this pair?

  3. Where can I buy stylish shoes I wear a size 5?

    I love heels. nothing chunky looking. If anyone knows of a good website or store would appreciate it. It's really hard to find shoes for small feet. Looking for sexy slender shoes. NOT stripper shoes with fish swimming in the platform. thanks.

  4. What are some good shoe stores/websites for high heels or pumps for prom.?

    The dress I'm getting is white so I would like to get silver shoes. My date is also VERY tall so any place that has a lot of pumps or evening shoes would be great. I've already looked at places like jessica simpson, nina, aldo, nine west, bakers, macys, so places along those lines would be great. Thanks!

  5. What Stores are at Mayfair Mall in Wisconsin?

    I'm moving there and i need to know what stores. the mayfair mall website is blocked. Can someone inform of what is all there?

  6. whats a good website i can go to buy good name brand clothing and shoes?

    im a person who like name brand clothing and shoes. a website that is not too expensive. but it really dont matter.

  7. Buying one white and one blue summer dress, sleeveless, mid-calf length, square neck. What shoes, accessory?

    Hi I want to make this basis of summer look. Any recommendations for shoes, color etc and accessory very helpful as I don't seem to look "put together" on my own. Jackets or sweater for top is essential . I have thick waist so belts don't seem wise. Also , how can I dress it up or down. Both are solid colors and all cotton and lined. Cant wear high heels but need comfort and style; back trouble precludes high fashion. Thank you so very much for any and all ideas. I am a senior citizen and tall, grey hair.