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Bakers Shoes Online Questions Answered!

  1. How to properly dispose of shoes with lead?

    I just recently purchased a pair of shoes from Bakers online and saw after the fact that they contain lead. How should I properly dispose of them if and when I decide to?

  2. Can you help me find this handbag from bakers?

    i dont have any pictures but i found this adorable bag at bakers shoe store. it was like a leather large handbag. like the shape of those bags u hold your dog in. it was red and it had large red leather flowers with zipper edges. i was thinking about using it for a summer vacation as a carry on item. ive tried looking for it online but i seem to not be able to find it. please help me !

  3. How can I convert from moles to molecules,from molecules to atoms and from atoms to grams?

    Okay, in Chemistry I am really getting confused when my teacher goes over converting from moles and stuff. I want to get a good grade on my online homework but it is getting kind f difficult when I don't understand how to convert simple things like moles. Also what are FU units and how can I convert those into other things such as grams or moles or things of the such. Please help and sorry that it is so long I really need the help

  4. How long does it take for panera to call you back?

    I completed the online application on the 24th. I'm just waiting for a call or someting. Btw i applied for a hourly associate and i'm 16? If i wanted to ask someone about my application who would i call? Thanks!

  5. what store can i buy moccasin shoes in new york city ?

    I really want to buy these moccasin flat shoes but I dont wanna buy them online because I wanna wear them to a greek party tonight.I Iive in new york and I dont have a clue where they sell them pls help me with a response asap thanks :-)

  6. What should I get my dad for Christmas?

    My dad is a baker, but he doesn't do any cooking at his home much, not to mention he doesn't like sweets since he is around them all day. Also, he doesn't do much house work, as in, it would be pointless to get him any tools like a new drill or hammer. Last year, the first year I knew him, I made him like a scrapbook of me groing up. But for this year....I just have no idea what to buy him (for a low price too) anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

  7. Trying to find a specific pair of shoes for my wife?

    My wife was given a pair of sandals from a friend of her's who is from South Africa (I believe). Today, our dog chewed one of them up and my wife is really upset. These shes were bought in another country. If anyone can help me locate where to purchase a pair of these online, it would be much appreciated. It has a thick bottom that has vertical strips of wood wrapped around the side. The wood looks similar to bamboo toothpicks . The strap that goes over the top of the foot and between the toes is a group of 9 thin ropes (Blue, pink, Grrn, purple, and yellow color ropes). Where the the rope meets and goes between the toes (which is now only one rope surrounded by a plastic cushion as to not irritate) is a flower design mad from the same material and colors as the ropes. On the sole of the shoe is written Teneré. The top part of the sandal feels almost like a leather-like material, streteched.