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Bakers Shoes Store Questions Answered!

  1. where can i find old (out-of-season) shoes from bakers shoe store?

    I bought a pair of shoes from bakers shoe store a couple of years ago. i like the shoes so much that they're all worn out. i need to buy another pair, but i can't find them anywhere. is there a place i can go to buy out-of-season shoes that they no longer sell in the stores?

  2. Do you need your social security number to work at retail stores?

    I was just wondering because I applied at Bakers shoe store and if they ask for my number I don't have it with me. And why do they need it? I'm a citizen and I have my passport to prove it.

  3. What are the names of shoe stores beginning with the letter B?

    I have forgotten the name of a shoe store I want to buy boots from. The company also has an actual location in San Francisco Ca. BANDOLINO IS THE STORE I WAS TRYING TO REMEMBER. THANKS FOR THE ANSWERS, MUCH APPRECIATED.

  4. What is a job orientation? What are my chances of getting hired?

    So i had an interview last week with Baker's shoe store but they called my mom's phone while i was in school saying that there was an orientation on Sunday. I don't know if that means i'm hired or not but i really don't want to get my hopes up and get shot down. I thought it meant i got the job but i'm not so sure now. What does this mean?

  5. How can I gain traction with my shoes?

    I have a good pair of nice shoes, except they have no grip. Whenever smooth floors get wet, they slip pretty easy. Any suggestions?

  6. What stores do you like to shop at?

    Just curious, because im going the to states this summer with my family and i was wondering what kind of stores there are and which ones do you girls like to shop at. And what's your style? , rock, retro, skater, etc . Thank Yous :D Oh and btw , what kind of shoe stores do you like to shop at?

  7. Where is the best place to find famous brand shoes at low prices?

    I am looking for a pair of tennis type shoes that have the velcro straps. I think Sketchers has them. Help me out!