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Saucony Running Shoes Questions Answered!

  1. What type of saucony running shoes are a lot like the asics gel landreths?

    I currently wear the asics gel landreths but they are getting worn out. I really like the landreths and feel they are right for me. I would buy another pair but I just won a gift cerificate for a free pair of saucony running shoes. So, what saucony's should I get?

  2. Are good running shoes supposed to make your feet feel like they are sticking to the ground?

    I bought a pair of saucony running shoes today and when I tried them out on pavement it felt like every time i lifted my feet it took some effort to un-stick them from the ground. I found this kind of annoying so I took them off and debating returning them. Is this what all good running shoes should feel like?

  3. How do I find identical running shoe to the the ones of my gf?

    Hi. I am trying to surprise my gf by buying her a pair of Saucony running shoes, she has a pair which are quite old but she really likes them so now I want to get a new pair exactly like those. The only id on them is on the label it says that it is style 1229-2. So now I am trying to locate anywhere online that I can get these shoes but its quite hard. Does anyone have any advice? thanks

  4. How do you clean Saucony shoes without ruining them?

    I bought a pair of Saucony Grid running shoes about 2 months ago and obviously they have become very dirty. How do I clean them (wash/dryer, cloth?) without ruining them. The rubber part I can clean with a towel and water, but how do I clean the fabric part that looks the dirtiest? Thanks.

  5. What are (personally) your favorite running shoes?

    I have a pair of Saucony running shoes that i just recently ruined from playing basketball on concrete in them. That was stupid on my part because i was aware that they wouldn't last doing all of that in them. I liked them and did my mile with ease. But can anyone suggest a good pair that aren't too expensive? (Note: i know now to only use them for jogging/running)

  6. Why do my shoes try to flip or turn side ways while doing aerobics?

    I have a saucony running shoe that i do turbo fire and p90x in. While exercising my shoes try to turn over to where I am actually standing on the outer side of my shoe during alot of the workout. They are a perfect fit shoe, so is it my shoe or what?

  7. How often should you replace workout shoes?

    I have saucony running shoes from December that I use to work out (run outdoors, treadmill, elliptical, zumba, etc). I do on average 5-6 hours of cardio per week, with about 15-20 miles of running. My feet are starting to hurt and the shoes are losing all their cushion, but they are fairly new. Is it normal for shoes to need replacement so fast?

  8. How good are Saucony running shoes?

    I'm looking for new running shoes and I know nothing about them. I'm not a runner, I just need athletic shoes and the last ones I had were running shoes and they were just fine. Really all I want is a decent pair of shoes, and I'm wondering if Saucony brand shoes are bad, neutral, or good.

  9. How should i improve my look in highschool?

    I am currently in 8th grade and school gets over the 31st. I am going to start working at a pool and will get paid. I was wondering how i should improve look. Right now, i have medium short hair, i wear shorts a lot, i have shirts from AE and Aero. I wear saucony running shoes. I was looking at PF flyers to buy to "grow up" my wardrobe if you will. Any suggestions on clothes, hair, cologne. Also i need tips on how to get girls. um im a guy so.

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    I have an ad for saucony running shoes with that caption and I need a thesis statement.