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  1. Which skateboard should i get? Please help quickly!?

    Because Christmas is coming up soon, I want to order a skateboard online for my present, since my parents are allowing me to get something that I wanted. I have never had a skateboard before, so this would be my first. However, I have borrowed my friend's skateboard before and I know the basics of riding it. I live in San Francisco, and its quite hilly, but not too much. I intend on just riding on the street/ or sidewalk for fun or as a method of transportation, and to just do tricks in my free time. I'm 14, and wear a size 9 shoe, and I'm 5'5" . I researched a bit on the Internet, and have familiarized myself with the technicalities of skateboarding, and am aware of what I should look for in a good quality skate board. However, I want to keep the price as low as possible without sacrificing quality, because I don't want to have my parents spending too much money. According to what I have seen on the Internet, it seems as if ccs.com is a very good and reputable skateboarding website. I want to order from there, because of the create-your-own skateboard function, as I want to pick out my parts for myself. However, having no experience with a skateboard of my own, I am not definite that this is the optimal skateboard for what I will be needing it for. Here's what I plan on getting: StepsItemsPrice Choose DeckPowell Mini Logo Deck - 7.75 Change it$69.99 Choose TrucksDestructo D-1 Mid Trucks - 7.75 Change it$0.00 Choose WheelsSpitfire Cole Camo Awol Wheels - 53 Change it$5.00 Choose Parts Package or $0.00 Choose BearingsBones Bearings Reds Bearings Change it$2.00 Choose GriptapeMob Perforated Grip Tape Change it$0.00 Choose HardwareDestructo Hardware Bolts - 1 1/8 Change it$0.00 Choose Riser Pads (optional)Destructo Riser Pads - 1/8 Change it If you are having trouble reading that, it is the chart that is shown on the website. Please go to the ccs website and check it out. Is this the best possible skateboard setup for the price? Is this the best website to get it from? I have coupon codes for this website so I get free standard shipping. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please help me as soon as you can! Thanks. Oh yeah, and Im asian, and I like the color purple. If that makes any difference. Im not really that stereotypical type of skater dude, so id prefer not a very rebellious or offensive design, and I would like to keep the design quite standard so that I don't get tired of it after a while and to keep its style timeless. Please help. Thanks so much! Oh sorry i made a mistake for the wheels. I meant to put the Bones Stf wheels, which are the same price as the ones I previously listed.