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Bakers Shoes Locations Questions Answered!

  1. Whats a good realistic fiction romance novel for 13 year olds?

    I really need a new book. I am looking for a book like The princess diaries or the cupid chronicles. I'm only thirteen so they can't be to romance-y and they have to be happy! Any sugestions?

  2. What are some of the best books for teen girls?

    I love the books "the clique, the A-List, and gossip girls. what are some books that are like that, that you think i would like?

  3. Where do our last names come from?

    Eveone in the world has a last name, even if they don't know it, they still have it. My question is where do last names come from?

  4. what is the order of events in an engagement?

    I mean right down to the details does it go 1.proposal+engagment ring 2.? i dodnt no at all how any of it worked so back offff

  5. Just got engaged!! What's the first step in planning a wedding?

    Is there a great wedding planner to buy or any other first steps? The whole thing looks very overwhelming from here. Any specifics for the DC area would be appreciated, too. Timeline on the wedding is about a year. Thank you!

  6. I have always wanted to be a wedding planner...any suggestions on how to bulid up my resume??

    I have been helping a co-worker plan her wedding, it is in two days. I will find out how good of a job i did then I guess. But I was wondering if any one could give me ideas on how to move forward, get my name out there and build my resume?

  7. help me find these shoes!?

    http://s54.photobucket.com/albums/g116/kittykahtbaby/?action=view¤t=1_58744_AV_97.jpg or http://i54.photobucket.com/albums/g116/kittykahtbaby/1_58744_AV_97.jpg (whichever worked for you...sorry) anyway! i am looking for this shoe or exact copy. it is made by bakers shoe company but they dont have my size. i need a size 7. if anyone can please help me! please please please!!! help me find a replica or the exact shoe. thank you!