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Bakers Shoes Outlet Questions Answered!

  1. Do anyone know where I can get shoes cheaper than bakers shoes?

    rocawear have these cute heel shoes I want, but they cost so much. Do you know any other store?

  2. Why should people NOT shop online instead of using the High Street?

    Or what's left of it! *Jude - My High Street doesn't even HAVE 95% of what I need (except food) LOL sad but very true!

  3. What are ALL the outlet stores in gurnee mills mall?

    please list all of them if u know. just the ones that are outlet stores

  4. Bakers and Aldo shoes and purses?

    What do you think of their shoes/sandals and purses? I personally think Aldo's quality is better. But there are some cute stuff at Bakers also, just wondering what everyone thought about the quality at the stores....like does it fall apart soon after you buy it?

  5. what stores are at the coral spring mall ?

    if you can name 6-7 stores, you KNOW are there. it would be really helpful(: im going there today. and have never been there, so help please :D

  6. Anyone know where I can find these shoes? Bakers Kate Zebra size 9, 9.5. I'm desperate!?

    Does anyone know of shoe outlets or websites that carry Bakers shoes? I found these in Chicago the weekend before my wedding and told myself I could not buy them until I had everything paid for....when I went back, they no longer had my size. They were the hottest, most comfortable shoes I've ever tried on, and I'm afraid I won't ever find them again! http://www.bakersshoes.com/product.aspx?p=117980 Zebra print size 9 or 9.5. I've search Google and Ebay and found nothing. :( Help? I've found similar styles, but these ones were just amazingly comfy for being so tall, so if possible I'd like to find the Bakers ones. Probably not going to happen though. :(

  7. Where can i buy these shoes !?

    http://www.seventeen.com/fashion/tips/back-to-school-fashion#/category6 I'v been goinn beserk trying to find these shoes any ideass ?

  8. Cheap ted baker products?

    I've been looking everywhere on the internet for some ted baker pumps (they're called thuja pumps, and I would preferably like them in either light pink or black) I've looked on so many sites sush as: ebay, amazon, google shopping and they all cost around £50. I've heard of an outlet in York and if you've ever been before please could you let me know what it's like!! I really am fond of these shoes, it's just the amount of money which they cost. Links and help to get some cheaper ones will be amazing, and will award a 5 rating for best answer! Thanks!!!