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Clarks Shoes Outlet Questions Answered!

  1. Are Clarks shoes still made in England?

    I know Clarks shoes are sold all over the world. England has many stores outlets. I remember the actual shoes being made in a factory in somerset (England) but i think that had ceased a few years ago now. So i was wondering if it is indeed true that they are made in China along with many other products.

  2. How do i go from Nike to Adidas size?

    I have womens nike free runs in a size 9 and I'm trying to order some womens basket profi shoes online. Do they run similar in size or should I go up/down a half size?

  3. What's the most comfortable steel-toed shoe on the market?

    Are there soft shoes or tennis shoes that can have steel-toed attachments place on them?

  4. What are decent slip-on shoes for air travel?

    I am a guy and I'm interested in purchasing slip-on sneakers that are comfortable and won't be difficult to take off for the security line. I might purchase Keds just for this occasion but I'm also looking for something that looks better and is more durable for walking.

  5. what size puma motorsport should i get?

    I don't have access to a retail store so I'm shopping online and I want to buy those motorsport puma shoes. Im a size 7.5 in vans. Is it the same as vans?

  6. Somerset, England - what is the best place to visit?

    Hi, We are visiting somerset for a short break from mon-fri. We are looking at the best places to visit in this and surrounding areas. Does anyone know of anything worth a visit? We mainly enjoy historical things, attractions to do with animals and we would in particular like to visit a cheese tasting place if there is one in the area? Thanks Im going to Cheddar in somerset.

  7. How to loosen up tight shoes?

    So I bought a pair of pumps and they feel kinda tight, the one the left feels betta than the one on the right, I need help on how I can make em feel less sore

  8. Where can I find infant shoes in half sizes, apart from Clarks and Start-Rite (in the UK?)?

    I really need to find a pair of 3 1/2 walking shoes for my daughter, she's been this size for ages and I'm scared to buy her expensive shoes incase she suddenly grows (as they do lol!). Thanks.

  9. Where would be a good place to buy tall leather boots for men?

    Like women's tall boots....

  10. Should I get a pair of Nike Free Runs?

    When I run I use my regular under amour sneakers but do nike free runs make a difference? Is it worth the money? Do they fall apart/tear easily? And should I get the 5.0,4.0 or 3.0? I have never owned a pair before so any suggestions would help! Thanks a bunch and Merry Christmas! :)