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Clarks Shoes Online Questions Answered!

  1. Is there anywhere I can order Clarks shoes for kids online?

    The clarks website wont let you order for kids online. But my daughter was measured in a shop...we couldnt buy her shoes at the time as we had an emergency! Our nearest shop is 2 hours away! Is there anywhere where I can order?? Thanks, but I cant get to the shop as I dont drive and its difficult for me to traval for a while. I can only order online.

  2. What does 'bootleg' mean when referring to shoes?

    I've been looking at shoes online and under the kids section - it has 'bootleg' shoes and sandals. I've never heard of this before... I saw it on a website for children's shoes. Maybe it could mean for children with wide/narrow feet?

  3. Where can i find shoes with free shipping online?

    I'm looking for boots and since i'm from Europe, shipping can sometimes cost more than the shoes themselves. Any ideas?

  4. Can I exchange my timberland boots bought online in a retail store?

    I recently bought a pair of timberland boots online and it seems as if they are a size too big. I was just thinking, instead of going through the whole process of mailing them back and waiting for them to send back a smaller size, would I be able to go to a local timberland store and simply exchange the boots there?

  5. where should I buy shoes from?

    I'm talking about buying shoes online. I'm looking for nike shoes so I'm looking for an online shop which sells to Australia at a cheap price for Nike shoes.

  6. Where can i buy cheap new balance shoes online?

    I want to buy 998's someone please help! PS i need it to be available to ship to Australia PPS Mens shoes

  7. What shoes should I wear to college?

    I live in a hot place and I have no idea what shoes to wear to college. I already have converse, but I think it would be kinda uncomfortable. The Sperry topsider angelfish looks like it has good arch support, but I'm not sure. I'm also thinking of buying fitflops. Can someone give me a list of shoes I should have and why? Exclude the boots, please.

  8. Where can i get Clarks jink shoes?

    I like the Clarks Jinks but their really expensive online(urban outfitters ect.) and dont have my size. Where can find some, and also, is there some that arent the original that are cheaper?