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Clarks Shoes For Women Questions Answered!

  1. What is the song for the new 2008 October Clarks advert?

    I am confused as to what the lovely song in the new clarks shoe advert is? It's a woman singing and part of the lyrics have "I just want to dance" Anyone have any idea?

  2. Where can i buy women clarks for an affordable price?

    I would like to purchase a pair of women clarks shoes and would like to know what stores would sell them at an affordable price. Thanks

  3. What high end brand of woman's shoes are the most comfortable?

    Comfortable as in being on your feet all day and not being able to take them off throughout the day.Also not interested in high heels more along the lines of flats or low-medium high wedges. I love Clark's shoes but I am wanting pairs of shoes that won't die in under 2yrs timeframe.

  4. what are the most comfortable plain white mens shoes?

    I've got to buy a new pair of shoes for work with specific requirements. All white (no color on any part) no high tops. I want to get the most comfortable shoes that I could find within a reasonable price range. I am on my feet a lot so i don't want to be uncomfortable since I can get any shoes I want that meet those requirements.

  5. where do I find extra wide shoes for women?

    I have average length feet but they are very wide. what companies make very wide shoes that are reasonably priced?

  6. How do you stop your feet from slipping out of your shoes when you're wearing tights and heels?

    I'm new to dressing as a woman. I can walk in heels but my feet keep slipping out of my shoes!

  7. what is the song on the clarks shoes advert? its a woman singin, sounds quite young?

    Also on the Loyds TSB advert is the little animal a mouse dressed as an armadillo, or is it actually an armidillo?

  8. What are the best (and also fashionable) walking shoes for women?

    I'm going to Europe and will be walking around a lot- I'm 20 years old, so I want a sandal that will be very comfortable and also stylish...any ideas?

  9. How does child support work when one parent is a millionaire?

    Say there's a couple where the guy is a multimillionaire (with a big salary) and the woman is an average worker making minimum wage, and say they had 2 kids together. I know what would happen if the woman kept the children and the guy had to pay, but let's say the guy had custody of both children, would the woman still have to pay child support to the guy? What about if it was split custody, would neither have to pay anyone?