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Clarks Shoes Uk Questions Answered!

  1. Who made the very first pair of Clarks shoes?

    Clarks shoes originated in Somerset, UK. I would like to know who made the very first pair of Clarks shoes. I would also like to know the names of anyone who work in the Clarks shoe factory in the 1800s.

  2. Where can i find these shoes?

    I saw them in the spring/summer littlewoods direct catalogue but left it too late to order them. They are Clarks shoes named Fortune and Love Struck. My local Clarks store don't have them, any ideas on where to find them? Thanks in advance. Sorry i don't have any pics of them. Sorry i don't have any pics of them.

  3. What shoe brand makes the most comfortable flats?

    I'd like to buy a pair of ballet flat type shoes, but I have a problem finding shoes with good arch support, so I'm looking for advice from people who know what they're talking about. Real shoe fanatic people! Which shoe brand makes the most comfortable ballet flats?

  4. How are these shoes for secondary school?

    http://www.clarks.co.uk/find/SubBrand-is-bootleg/Tube-is-girls/product-is-20323437 I feel they're too young, particularly bad with white cotton socks - other opinions? Thank you :) They're actually for my little sister - secondary school being 11 year olds - and I'm trying to make the point that they're not a good idea (having just left secondary school, I should know!). As the same time, my style fails as well...

  5. Where in the UK can I buy the most comfortable wedding shoes?

    I'm looking for shoes with no more than a 3cm heel, but they must be comfy for the day as I hardly ever wear heels, I have quite wide feet so I dont want my toes squished! Any ideas would be most appreciated.

  6. Where do I buy soft comfortable leopard print ballerina shoes in UK?

    I want to buy soft comfortable shoes, which will not irritate my skin. Already been to debenhams, topshop, and clarks, not impressed. Thanks in advance

  7. Where to get wide fitting gym shoes for a 4 year old in the UK?

    I assumed I'd be able to get basic gym shoes in Clarkes, but my daughter has inherited wide feet from both sides and is a 9.5G Where should I look for wide fitting children's shoes?

  8. Where can I get plain black school shoes?

    Uk question - my daughter is size 6. She needs completely plain black shoes, they need some sort of strap to hold her feet in, the slip on ones are no good because she has narrow ankles and they won't stay on her feet. We have always bought her shoes from Clarks but they don't do any without any form of decoration. Are there any other good shoe shops that measure and fit children's shoes?

  9. Where can I get big shoe size winter boots in an alternative style type?

    I'm looking for something that'll go well with my sub culture style. I'm talking Punk/Goth/Emo but I'm cursed with giant feet. Can anyone help me out with a few websites or stores for the UK? Something nice a warm if possible. My feet were absolutely frozen today.