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Clarks Shoes On Sale Questions Answered!

  1. How exactly does full commission work?

    I might be getting a job that is payed on full commission.So if I do not sell anything my first week do I not make any money? I asked my interviewer a little about it but don't quite understand. I believe there is some type of base pay. The job is at Clarks shoes.

  2. Where can you find good ladies shoes on sale in London now?

    Can anyone help me? My favorite brand is Miss Sixty and Clarks, but in this currenty sale frenzy, I haven't yet found what I like in my local stores. Are there any other good shops which have some bargains now in London?

  3. What are comfortable walking shoes for guys?

    I do a lot of walking... A LOT. I'm going to England in a few months and I know my walking time will just increase. I need a pair of shoes that I can walk on all day and my feet will still feel great. Thanks!

  4. Black and brown leather shoes, how do i clean them?

    My shoes are Black Mark&spencer and Brown Clark shoes, both pairs are dusty how should i clean them and what kind of polish should i use on it?

  5. Nurses or current nusing students. Where can I buy all white all leather nursing shoes?

    Reasonably priced not looking to spend 100 for shoes. Though I would like them to be comfortable. Any suggestions I live near Los Angeles if that helps or any online? Thank you.

  6. What size victor king shoe should I get?

    They only sell these online and I'm afraid I might get the wrong size. I am a size 9 converse and a size 10-10.5 running shoe. Help me please.

  7. What are some websites for female shoes?

    What are some good websites with decent shoe prices (like flats and combat boots etc.). Thank you for your help, in advance.