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Clarks Shoes Usa Questions Answered!

  1. A good brand of comfortable shoes in the UK?

    What is a good brand of super-comfortable shoes (that also look nice) that is available in the UK? In Canada and the USA I love Dansko clogs, which provide excellent arch support and come in cute styles. But I couldn't find any Dansko shoes in the UK nor on amazon.co.uk. Help! My feet are aching!

  2. What do clothes style look good on boys?

    I'm thirteen and am trying to find out what i can wear to look good. Thanks.

  3. What high heel tall boots are you wearing this winter and where did you get them from?

    Also are they comfortable, what do you wear them with? jeans etc and do you wear them with socks, stockings, hose etc? :)

  4. What are fashion/makeup/music trends going on THIS YEAR in Spain?

    I'm going on an exchange trip this summer to a coastal town in Spain. I don't want to be completely clueless so what are some popular musicians and beauty tips in Spain?

  5. How can I become a model?

    I'm a 16 year old british female and would like to do some modelling jobs, the reason I suddenly thought about it is because my mum keeps commenting on how I could. As a baby and young child I was featured in Clarks shoes magazines etc. and now I would love to get back into it. If anyone knows how I can from personal experience please can they help me. I'm a 5ft 4" size 6 in uk and size 2 in USA and have long blonde hair and blue eyes if that's any help

  6. How to get back into school after being expelled?

    Long story short, I got expelled from my High School a few months ago and haven't been able to go to school because of interference I had with the police that happen at school that involved an illegal search, me getting tackled to the ground, & resisting arrest, and wasn't even cited or charged with anything. And some details I believe are important: *I was suspended from school pending expulsion for 10 days. *On the 10th day I was told I was being expelled officially on the pretense of assaulting a Police Officer and School Employee (Which is false and there is no record of me allegedly ASSAULTING ANYBODY on any school or police documents). *We were given the chance to appeal the expulsion with the Vice Principal which is a total clown and wouldn't even listen to me or my mom. *We then were told to go meet a hearing officer from the school district (Clark County School District in Las Vegas, NV, USA) *The hearing officer said If I plead guilty to what I was being expelled for that I would be given a punishment of going to a Secondary school for 9 weeks. *I plead NOT GUILTY because they went me to accept a punishment based on something I didn't and isn't true. Me and my mother were then given a letter to have my case brought in front of the board higher then them but lower then the School Board of Directors. *We went to that meeting and it was a total mess. They made me look like a criminal that I AM NOT! And appointed me to complete 365 DAYS at the Secondary School! *We tried to Appeal the decision and we were told we couldn't until we got a letter from the School Board of Directors saying if we only have 4 business hours to appeal the decision and go upon them to have my case heard. Well we would of but we got the letter a day after the 48 hours they said we had so we were screwed. So me and my mom said let go this place they want to keep sending me too. We go to the orientation and we find out this is a school for Juvenile Delinquents released from jail and expelled from school for various things like bringing weapons to school, fighting, gang activity, drugs, etc. I was kind of freaked out and so was my mom but I was OK going there because at this point I had already missed school for almost 3 months and I felt I couldn't afford to lose any more credits or I can't graduate from HS and get my diploma. Well 10 minutes in the orientation the school campus security guy comes in and says we can't come into to the school with nothing more the 2 house keys and less the $5 cash on us. We are not allowed to bring any cell phone, backpack, or anything other then that. Me and my mother were pretty much joking at this point because this was unheard of, This felt like some type of Nazi camp. Well then after he finished saying that he said everyday we come in we will be physically searched and patted down before we can enter the campus. We also must take off our shoes before entering the school and go through a metal detector. When we heard this and my mom just walked the hell out of there because this was too ridiculous. I was ok going there without my cell phone and less then $5 until the point I found out I would be physically searched EVERY SINGLE DAY, The metal detector thing I was ok with and removing my shoes because it makes sense to search those delinquents of weapons, but I will Not let ANYBODY degrade me and touch me like a toy. So far I haven't been to school in 8 months and really want to go back and make up for all my lost credits and socialize with people again because being at home sucks! What legal channel can we take this through or what would be a good person to contact that works at the School District? Like a superintendent or something. Any advice would be appreciated or if you have any lawyer or attorney contact info local in Las Vegas we can contact would be awesome. Also if this matters, I am a 16 year old Male and have never gotten into trouble at school or the law.

  7. Looking for country music artists to listen to?

    I'm lookin for not a particular type of country music. Lyrics that involve patriotism, the country lifestyle, and having a simple life. Not necassarily about tractors, pick up trucks, and redneck girls, which is the kind of the only country music that I hear. Actually any country music that isn't about these things I'll probably like. Just looking for some suggestions. Thanks!

  8. what teenage girl stores have really cute clothes?

    I'm trying to make some new outfits on my Polyvore but i've done so many abercrombie/aeropostale/hollister outfits so now I want to do some outfits from new stores. Please help me out! thanks!

  9. Best shoe shops in the UK - best answer today?

    I want cheap ones too because I'm buying them out of my allowance, also don't say Clarks because they have ugly shoes lol Also, does anyone know where I can buy oversized fleece jumpers that are really pretty? And in a range of different colours?