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Newton Running Shoes Questions Answered!

  1. What series of newton shoes should i start out with as a beginner.?

    Hey i am wanting t get some of the Newton running shoes cause I feel that I would run well on these types of shoes for Cross Country, but needing some input for the brand of Newton shoes to start out on. So if you can help me that would be great, thanks!

  2. what is your striking point when you run, and what running shoe do you recommend?

    I have seen the Newton running shoes, which seem phenomenal, however, I am not a constant avid runner. I mix up my activities with walking and the elliptical. However, a few times a week I like to get out and jog, but nothing too hard-core. Basically, I call it a toe-tap. I'm not really lifting my knees and coming down hard. I just like to keep myself moving through the latter half of middle-age and menopause. Could 'you' recommend a running shoe and why?

  3. Hi, I Need Help finding running shoes in the Philippines?

    I'm looking for Newton running shoes. Do you guys know where I can get them in the Philippines (this is where I am based) Thanks for all the help guys?

  4. What are some everyday running shoes for forefoot strikers?

    I'm looking to replace my old running shoes Asics Gel 1130. These shoes had a fairly large heel which forced me to heel-strike thus slowing me down significantly.

  5. What is the best running shoe for me to get?

    I run track (long distance) for my school and I have been wearing some Asics shoes for the entire season. About a week or two ago, my shins and calves started hurting really bad whenever I ran and now it even hurts just to walk on them. (I've been icing them a lot) I obviously need new shoes. The soles of my old ones are basically hard as a rock. Excluding Asics, what is a good running shoe for me?

  6. What are your favorite running shoes?

    Whats the best pair of running shoes you've ever worn?

  7. What are the best running shoes that promote forefoot running?

    I heard forefoot running is the best and most efficient way to run. I saw these Newton shoes which were $175. Any other good runing shoes?

  8. How do i find the maximum acceleration given ONLY the coefficient of static friction?

    The coefficient of static friction between the soles of a sprinter's running shoes and the level track surface is 0.6. Determine the maximum acceleration he can achieve.

  9. How fast can this runner run?

    The coefficient of static friction is 0.816 between the soles of a 60.0 kg sprinter's running shoes and the level track surface on which she is running. Determine the maximum acceleration she can achieve. I don't even know where to begin?

  10. What are some good trainers for cross country?

    I'm joining cross country (high school) and practices start next week. However, I have no running shoes! I'm absolutely clueless when it comes to athletic shoes. I went to a meeting today and the coach said that trainers are a necessity. I know asics are pretty good. What are some fairly cheap models? or just good models in general. Thank you.