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Toms Shoes Retailers Questions Answered!

  1. Is there a TOMS Shoes retailer in the Galleria in Dallas, TX?

    Just wondering if anyone sells toms shoes at the galleria.

  2. Where can you buy toms shoes in central Virginia?

    All my friends at school have toms but I can't find any in stores and don't want to buy them online because of the size. Do you know of any stores near Richmond, Virginia where you can buy toms shoes?

  3. does anyone know where do they sell TOMS shoes in McAllen Texas?

    I'm going to mcallen, and I was wondering if anyone knew about a TOMS shoes retailer in mcallen...

  4. Question about Tom's shoes, What did you do?

    I want to get toms shoes.I did find retailer and some stores showed up. I remember a couple of weeks prior I went to the mall and saw toms but they only had the classic plain ones and I want the glitter ones. But my question is for you guys, when you went to go buy toms at a store did they have any other type (artist,botas) besides the classic plain ones? Thank you xoxox

  5. My elastic part on TOMS shoes is wrinkled?

    I searched this but there was nothing even relating to it so I decided to just ask my question here. I have had my Black Canvas TOMS for about 4 months and the elastic V on the top is wrinkled. Is there any way I could fix them? I really don't want to have to buy a new pair.

  6. How can you tell the difference between real and fake TOMS?

    I need a pair of comfortable shoes, and I have been told that TOMS are the best, however there are a lot of fake TOMS out there. I really like the idea that they donate a pair to charity if I buy a pair, and I want to make sure I buy the real ones.

  7. Clothing websites that donate to charity?

    There is TOMS that donate shoes to a child if someone buys one, and theres sevenly that donates to a different charity each week, are there any others?

  8. where can i find the widest variety of TOMS shoes? 10 points plz answer! (:?

    i have seen many ppl at school with many different styles of TOMS shoes in different colors and patterns. i own one pair of TOMS (in ash gray) and i would like to buy another pair both for style and for the cause. however i want to know what store i can go to (NOT online store) that has the biggest variety of TOMS to choose from. in other words the store that has the most different styles available. thanks so much in advance (:

  9. Where in Australia, Melbourne can i buy tom's shoes?

    I really want a pair of Tom's shoes and i was wondering if anyone knows a store in Melbourne, Australia where they sell them. Thanks!

  10. Does anyone know where i can get really cheap TOMS?

    I want TOMS really bad, but i don't want to spend 50 bucks just for a pair of shoes. Does anyone know where i can get TOMS but like really cheap? And they have to be trusted sources, not fake.