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Toms Shoes Outlet Questions Answered!

  1. Does the bloomingdales outlet store sell toms canvas shoes?

    I have a Bloomingdales outlet near by and I was wondering if they sell toms canvas shoes?

  2. I want to buy toms shoes. There is the official toms website and I have found a toms outlet store and other?

    Such As toms outlet USA online.com and tomsshoestore.com. I'm afraid To buy from them given that they are cheaper and that correspondence is via email only. Can I trust to buy from these websites?

  3. How much should a 13 year old spend on back to school clothes?

    I'm going in 7th grade( I know, 7th graders should be 12, I got held back a year because I switched schools to a country I knew nothing about) and I'm having trouble with some clothes. This year, my mom was very generous to give me a $200 shopping budget. In my opinion, that is SUCH a big amount of money. Since it was so much, I bought all my clothes to last a whole year. I went to outlet malls and only bought like $8-$18 shirts. I bought 9 shirts but it adds up to 11 cause I got some on vacation 7 shorts and pants altogether 1 scarf 2 shoes from vacation 3 new bras(First time wearing these, I'm into sport bras) Is this a lot? I needed a lot more clothes because I haven't grown bigger than 5'1 so I'm not expecting a growth spurt. And I lost 10 pounds, but I just gained 2. I've always been jealous of those girls who have shirts enough for 2 months straight, and I have low self of steem. I think I have about 13-18 articles of shirts altogether. How much did you buy for school? I understand its a lot, 21st century is a luxurious and hard time to live.

  4. Where can I get brand names for less?

    Alright, so I'm a 13 year old seventh grader. I'm determined to have the best fashion next year, but my mom isn't too hot on spending a ton of money on all the cool brand names. So I was wondering where I could get brand names for less, such as Sperrys and Toms. I doubt theres a place for these, but theres no harm in asking so also...PINK, Abercrombie and Fitch, UGG, ect. Thanks.

  5. Where can I buy cheap Toms shoes from?

    Is there any online outlets or cheap stores where I can buy cheap, genuine Toms from? I am after those white slip on ones. Any suggestions would be great, thankyou:D

  6. I want to revamp my style what should I do?

    I want to change my style I'm moving and I want to redo my look. I go to church so nothing crazy or anything like that I need help I can't die my hair my daddy won't let me he won't let me pierce anything I all ready have two holes in my ear. Help please I won't wear pink it looks bad on me.

  7. What should I do this summer in NY?

    Okay I want to have a really awesome summer to remember! But I can't think of anything? I need ideas from people with experience. I have no summer school and I'm finally working so I have free time and money. My last two summers sucked I didn't do anything And please don't say stuff like read a book or nap lol every website I go to is full of horrible ideas So please give me like a list of places to go and things to get done. I want to make this summer to remember!

  8. Are Toms Shoes Outlet sites fake?

    I came across a few online outlet shops for Toms shoes. Are they legit? As in ... Real Toms shoes & if you buy a pair another gets donated?

  9. Do TOMS shoes purchased from "outlet stores" still provide a pair to a child in need?

    Here's an example of said outlet store. http://www.tomsshoesmall.com/ Looks like it's from China. But if they're real TOMS, do they get them from the company? And are they still charitable? I'd rather buy them more expensive if these don't.