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Where To Buy Toms Shoes Questions Answered!

  1. Buying Toms shoes and need help finding a way to get them in faster?

    Do you know of anywhere to go and buy toms shoes or is it only sent buy mail? i need some fast:( and don't have time to wait for them on back order cause im leaving to go out of town and need them for the trip.

  2. is there any place in Raleigh NC where i can buy TOMS shoes?

    Im been looking for a store where i can buy TOMS shoes , instead of ordering them online. But if push comes to shove, i will eventually order a pair.

  3. What stores or places can you go that sell TOMS shoes?

    I would really love to buy TOMS shoes, but I cant find any places around the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas that sell them. Are there any stores that sell them, so i can go check them out. I dont like buying clothes online because Im worried they might not fit, so can you guys help me out?

  4. What stores can I buy TOMS shoes at?

    I don't want to buy them online because I'm afraid of getting the wrong size. What stores can I physically go and buy TOMS shoes?

  5. What are some good clothing/shoe/jewelry stores for a good cause?

    Does anyone know of any charitable clothing lines. I bought Toms shoes and love the idea that I am helping out around the world. Also I like the Akawelle jewelry line, but I was wondering if there were any other similar types of stores out there?

  6. Where can you buy Toms Shoes in San Jose, CA?

    I've been looking to buy Toms shoes for a while. Is there any place that sells it for less than the price they show online?

  7. I was wondering where you can find TOMS shoes in Dallas, Texas?

    I live in the dallas, texas area, and I was wondering where you can buy TOMS shoes? I would prefer to buy them at a store, then to purchase them online!

  8. Where can I buy a pair of combat boots?

    I'm going to New York in late summer to visit my aunt, and I'm hoping to buy a pair of black combat boots. Any idea where I can get a pair? To be honest, Doc Martens and Steve Maddens are a little out of my price range. I checked Forever 21, but they don't have them on the website. Any suggestions? Also, where can I buy TOMS shoes in New York? Thanks!