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Toms Shoes For Kids Questions Answered!

  1. Where is a store that sells TOMS shoes in the bay area?

    I am looking for TOMS shoes the shoes that when you buy a pair they give a pair to a kid in need of shoes...I live in the bay area and I can not find a store that carries them but I am sure they have one. Thank You!

  2. Are TOMS popular with both GUYS and GIRLS in your school?

    Last year before Christmas vacation it seemed like only girls wore TOMS classic shoes and a few guys. After Christmas vacation break its like now a lot of guys also are wearing TOMS classic shoes. 1200 kids go to my school in grades 9 to 12 and like 300 guys and 400 girls wear TOMS now. Before Christmas break like 20 or 30 guys wore TOMS. What happened? Why did TOMS become so popular?

  3. What kind of shoes should i buy for the school year of 13-14?

    i'm a guy going to 10 grade, and i was wondering what shoes kids are planning to wear next year, because everyone wore Nike Free runs and toms in 9 th grade. And i feel like if i buy those over the summer no one will be wearing those when i get back, so should still get those or should i get any latest trend shoes.

  4. How much are toms shoes at journeys?

    I was going to get some toms(kids and womens) for back to school but i have a coupon for journey's i want to use so i want to know the prices at journey's.

  5. Where can I find kids sized Toms shoes?

    I want Toms Shoes but I want them for tomorrow but I don't have any Nordstroms around here and I don't know where to get them! Pleasee help!

  6. Clothing brands that help people in Africa?

    I know toms shoes and eye wear and krotchet kids but that's all I know. Are there any more?

  7. how can i convince my school to not let me wear shoes?

    TOMS shoe is hosting an event called One Day Without Shoes, and for the whole day you don't wear shoes to support the shoe-less kids in Africa and other places. But it's during a school day and i really want to be a part of it. btw. i dont plan on going barefoot. but will they let me do socks?

  8. Where can i get the right size shoes?

    I have small feet for a 17 year old. I wear a size 2. or 2.5. Its hard for me to find shoes i like. i like to wear vans. At the moment, im looking for "toms" toms shoes, that i can fit into.. i dont want to look at the kids because they dont have the style im looking for. they only hav it in the "womens" sizes 5 and up. i just wanted to know where i can get the right size shoes.

  9. Where can I get toms shoes for kids in a store?

    Im a size 4 or 3 in a half so what size would you reccomend what about color and I don't want online!

  10. what kind of shoes does Tom Shoes give to children?

    I understand that for every pair purchase one is given to a child in need, but what type of shoe is actually given to the children? for example color pattern etc?