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Nike Shoes For Women Questions Answered!

  1. How can i measure Women shoes of Nike ? i wear size 4.5 for my converse, and is it different from Nike ?

    Nike shoes just has size from 5 for women and the shoes i want to buy online valid. So i really get confused , need help . Appreciate for response!!!

  2. Why Women Have Special Needs for Nike Shoes?

    I found that many girls around me like wearing Nike shoes, I really want to know why women have special needs for Nike shoes?

  3. Where to buy NIKE shoes with low price in chennai ?

    Want to buy an pair of nike shoes, while i checked showrooms, its with very high price and also with lesser models. But i found many models when i watched an basketball tournament. Help me out this.

  4. what kind of shoes should i buy for running?

    Okay im going to start running everyday, i will be street running...no tracks. Im looking at nike shoes, not to expensive, not to cheap. I wear a women's size 11 so something that looks good on big feet. Im looks for something cute, and comfortable also something that is in style and 2011. Thank you for your help!

  5. What are the best shoes for runners?

    I run every day, and it is really doing a number on my knees and ankles. Right now I am wearing a pair of old nike shoes, but I don't think they were made for running. What women's shoes are the best for long distance runners? I want them to be durable, comfortable, offer stability, and be shock absorbing.

  6. What are a good cross country shoes?

    Im going to be a sophomore btw. Im having trouble figuring out whats suitable. At practices we mostly run on dirt trails, sidewalks or roads, or through grass depending on the route. Also i have really small feet so I normally tend to buy kid sizes but i can pull off a women's 5 depending on the brand. Can anybody recommend me shoes? I know Asics and Mizunos are great brands but is Nike alrightt ? I can great deal on Nike shoes so yeah.

  7. what size would i wear if i bought a pair of nike shox?

    If I usually wear a 9 in women what would i wear if i were buying Nike shoes? Also what would I wear if I wanted to buy a pair of men's nike shox?

  8. Do nike and puma shoes run the same size?

    I wear an 11 in nike women and I was thinking about getting a pair of puma high tops and was wondering is there much of a size difference. I know I could just try them on but I am ordering over the internet.

  9. Where can I buy my favorite shoe Nike Greco in numerous colors when they are out of production?

    I am desperately looking for Nike Greco shoes to buy, but all of the sites I go to say the shoe is out of production. They usually have one style for sale periodically. How can I still buy a brand new classic shoe that is Nike Greco style? Please Please help?