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Nike Shoes 2014 Questions Answered!

  1. Guys- What do I get my boyfriend for Christmas?

    My budget is $50. I have asked him and he can't make up his mind. No shirts, he has a ton of them. Please help! He likes University of Southern California, Troy Polamalu(he already has a jersey) , the dodgers(baseball), the lakers(basketball), the kings(hockey) rugby and football in general, he likes vans converse and nike shoes but not really tennis shoes. And he likes flat bills but not snap backs. I want to find a flat bill kings hat but all the ones I find are snap backs. Please help!

  2. Why would a health insurance provider reject someone with a preexisting condition?Does it happen often?

    From what I've heard and read,this is supposed to be a big part of the present health insurance and health care coverage debate.Thankfully,I don't know anyone who has this problem.I also know that,debates and all,if Congress passes a health insurance overhaul bill,that it won't take affect until 2014 or later.

  3. Would you buy a pair of McFly 2015s by Nike?

    These shoes were inspired by Back to the Future Part 2. They are real and they will be made between the 2014-2017 timezone. They also will have powerlaces. Currently Nike is working on this product due to popular demand.

  4. Best advice on playing volleyball for the first year ?

    I'm in 8th grade and I'll be 14 in February 2014 so I don't have a volley ball team in middle school . I however have a net in my gym and I've played with some of the other girls . I'm great at hitting and don't mind getting hurt . Everyone tells me I should try out for my 9th grade year . I think this is good too keep me out of trouble , I don't smoke drink or have sex like the other kids who are growing up so fast and I want to do something productive so please don't tell me I should play something I'm experienced in . I want to know if I can play in my Kobes or Kevin Durants? I can afford the school shoes and uniform but the shoes are not my style at all . I want to know which position is best for me I'm 5'1 , I hit good , and am good at being on my feet and passing it back and forth and I am a good sport . Do I have to wear a thong with the spandex? What do I need to go in my bag ? Is there any thing that can get me put on the game besides arguing with the coach and the other team

  5. Want to buy my 15 year old nephew some snowboarding gear, but not sure what to get him?

    My nephew just started snowboarding and needs some snowboarding gear (boots, bindings, jacket, pants, etc.) and some shoes for walking around in the snow when he just walking around in the snow when he's not snowboarding. He also lives in an area where they get a lot of snow, and this is his 1st year in high school and he now has to walk a good distance in deep snow to get to his bus stop. His tennis shoes, (usually Nike, basketball/running type shoes and their are getting soaked through and there's only been a little snow so far) Any advice on "COOL" (in style with teen boys) gear for snowboarding/"walking in the snow" shoes, etc., would be GREAT! Thanks so much ! Thanks for your reply "Darmius". I'd like to surprise him and I've thought about asking the people at the store, but they're older (like me) and not young and cool (like you ;-) I want to get the most current (up to date) gear, (BRAND NAMES), so I was hoping some experienced, snowboarding teenage would tell me what they would choose to wear if someone was buying them some snowboarding gear and snow boots to walk in. Thanks again !

  6. what should I get my sisterr for christmas?

    She is 12 years old she has an iphone ipod and laptop and i dont know what to get her she won t tell me what she wants.

  7. Potential Air Jordan releases in late 2013 and 2014, thoughts?

    I've heard rumours and read rumours online that the Air Jordan 3 Black Cement with the Nike Air on the back will release Black Friday in November 2013, I read the cherry 16s will be releasing but 1 shoe that many people have been anticipating for which has not been released to the public as a 1 pair general release are the Carmine 6s marking 23 years since Jordan brand had released the OG pair in 1991. I know many people who have these kicks near mint condition or in the CDP's with the Carmines are going to be pissed because the shoes they have may go down in value but come on, isn't it always sweet to cop a pair or 2 of kicks that has not been released in yearssss.

  8. What kind of Nike Pegasus shoes is Justin Timberlake wearing?


  9. Starting to look at Steeplechase Spikes for the 2014 Track Season...?

    Hi I'm starting to look at new spikes for the 2014 track season. My main events would be the 2000m steeplechase and mile. I'm leaning towards the Nike Zoom Victory Elites in the new pink foil colour way since my previous track shoes were the Zoom Victory 2's which after one season already started to have a minor tear. The Victory Elite seems to be the fastest/most aggressive distance spike available but I know that the mamba 2 is designed specifically for steeplechase (which is my best event) and I've also heard the mamba 2 is good for steeple (but it doesn't seem to be aggressive enough as I also like the 800m). Maybe a new pair of victory 2's (lol im liking the pink foil)?

  10. Garnett: can not just pull someone else's pants?

    The Celtics rookie Jared - Salin Jie level career high 16 points to help the Celtics made the second victory of the last six games, avoiding fell below 5 percent winning percentage. This field is the first leg of the Celtics four-game road trip, in the second quarter with a wave of 23-5 offensive control of the game. "This is a good start, from beginning to end, we played very good, especially with this consistent performance against the Nets," - Paul Pierce said. "This is a balanced game, I am glad that such a start road trip." The field Deron - Williams scored 10 points on only 10 shots, and his career has been the most expensive backcourt partner Joe - Johnson is also just 4 of 14 shots to get 12 points. air jordan 6 air jordan 3 nike air yeezy chaussures de football Football t-shirt armani polo Sportswear cheap LV polo NBA cheap nike air max 2014