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Kids Nike Shoes Questions Answered!

  1. How come Nike shoes are so popular?

    I wear Nike shoes too but I would like to know why are there so popular, because today I went out and they were everywhere! Even little kids were wearing them! Nike shoes are cool but I want to know why are there so popular? New balance shoes are everywhere too but Nike shoes are the bomb. How come?

  2. Where can I find real name brand items to sell in my store?

    I have a legitimate store with business license, seller permit and the whole works and would like to sell some of the name brand items like Disney for kids, maybe Nike shoes etc... If anyone knows who to contact regarding any name brand items, please let me know... Thanks.

  3. Should I feel guilty of buying things that come from Asian Sweatshops?

    Some of these people make only 00.13$-2:00$ an hour, minimum wage in the USA is 7.50$ I think. I live in the USA but I am not white. I am Indian and I feel like my people are suffering, whether its Malaysia or China or Pakistan. Little kids make these nike shoes, and I play basketball and everyone keeps telling me to buy Nike an Adidas for quality. I feel so bad for these kids, someone told me it is good for there economy, but is it really good for them? I personally would not like to work 14 hours a day just to be able to produce a meal for myself.

  4. Why do people buy Nike shoes for babies?

    I've seen multiple children with Nike shoes. I'm not saying it's a bad thing to do. But really, what's the point? They cost so much and the kid will most likely grow out of them in a little bit any way. I can understand when the kid is older, but really, babies?

  5. Can women wear boys kids shoe sizes or is it weird?

    Well i am not a women but i am about to be 18. But i just bought some boys nike running shoes because i could fit them perfectly and i didn't want to pay 20 extra dollars just for a women's size shoe. Is that weird? Do you think people will know i am wearing the boy's kids shoe. Should i have just bought the women's size. I know sometimes they design kid shoes a little different but they just look normal to me idk.

  6. What model of Nike shoes is the kid on the right wearing?

    I really want to own these shoes, but i can't figure out what model they are. They are blue and grey Nike running shoes by the looks of them, but I'm not having any luck. Thanks

  7. Wouldn't it be cool if they made Nike shoes that when you walked the swoosh lit up?

    and i'm not talking about little kids shoes. i think it would be cool if they made shoes like that for teens/adults what do you think? .

  8. What are the new popular preppy brands for highschool?

    I know about express, hollister, abercrombie, american eagle, armani exchange for shirts, hoodies, etc (i think aero is douchey and for kids) Nike, adidas, puma, asic, brooks for shoes, But are there any I missed that high schoolers wear?

  9. What are the best kind of running shoes from nike?

    It is for my niece and she is turning 12 next week and she told me that she needs running shoes. I have one more question to ask, what size are twelve year olds' feet? and Should I get the lunar glides? http://www.kidsfootlocker.com/Big-Kids/Running-Shoes/_-_/N-28Zgr/keyword-kids+nike+running+shoes?cm_REF=Big+Kids