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Michael Jordan Shoes Questions Answered!

  1. Where do they sell Michael Jordan necklaces and for how much?

    I have Michael Jordan shoes, earrings, Shirts i want to know where do they sell the necklace

  2. Are Michael Jordan shoes okay as a graduation present?

    My boyfriend's graduating high school on June 2013. He loves to play basketball & I would like to buy him some Michael Jordan Shoes as a graduation present. Would it be okay? I know there's like 9 months until graduation, but I'm planning ahead of time. & also, should I give him something else, besides the shoes?? Thanks for your answers. c:

  3. Can I return shoes that I bought online?

    I bought a pair of Michael Jordan shoes but I do not like how they look in person. Idk why. I bought them from footlocker btw.

  4. Are there any shoes by baseball players?

    You know how they have Dwayne Wade shoes, Michael Jordan shoes, Shaq shoes, Marbury shoes etc. I was wondering if they had any shoes from baseball players?

  5. How did Michael Jordan revolutionize the game of basketball?

    How did Michael Jordan revolutionize the game of basketball in a positive way? What did he do on the court that no one ever did before? I'm not talking about the off-court marketing stuff, I'm just talking about on-court play. What did he add to the game of basketball that wasn't there before?

  6. How can I find a good Jordan shoes, in sneakerfiles.com can find it?

    I have long wanted to buy dual-Jordan shoes, but always difficult to find appropriate, to a proposal to me.

  7. How did Michael Jordan get recruited by North Carolina?

    We've all heard the stories about how Michael Jordan got cut from the basketball team when he first tried out. But how did a basketball powerhouse like UNC recruit him, unless he did amazing while he was at Laney HS?

  8. What football players have realesed shoes?

    I know a lot of basketball players that have realesed shoes (Michael Jordan, Shaq, Brandon Jennings ect...) but i havent heard of football players releasing shoes.

  9. Apart from the Michael Jordan sneaker, what have been the most popular basketball player sneakers of all time?

    We know the most successful basketball shoe endorsed by a player is the Michael Jordan, but what are the other 4? 1. Air Jordan shoeline (started in 1985) 2.? 3.? 4. 5.

  10. Where is the cheapest place i can find Jordan basketball shoes?

    Im a HUGE Michael Jordan fan, and i found a pair of shoes i absolutely love, but I'm trying to find out where I can buy them for the cheapest price.