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Jordan Shoes 2013 Questions Answered!

  1. How to get the Jordan Shoes on Release Date?

    Wanting to get the Retro 8's on April 20th 2013. How do i exactly get them on the release date? At the Mall during Champ/Footlocker/Finishline opening times or do i have to go to an actual Jordan store?

  2. How to get jordans when they release only online? Does anyone have some strategies on how to?

    The Air Jordan retro 3 88's come out May 25, 2013. And i am dying to get them. I heard it is very hard to get onto the site without it crashing or them putting what is called a traffic stop. Does anyone know a great way to maybe make the buying of the shoes easier, like how to prepare, and is it easier to use a giftcard?

  3. How much is my shoes with sales tax?

    OK i'm buying these pairs of Jordan that cost $140. My friend will give me 30% off at footlocker . the price is now 42 but i don't know the sales tax in Maryland so can someone estimate the cost for me please

  4. How do I not crease the air Jordan 8 retro?

    I got the bugs bunny 8 2013 retro. How do not crease then while walking because the whole shoe is made of premium leather?

  5. How long does finish line take to ship shoes?

    My brother ordered shoes on finish line on thursday night, November 28, 2013. The order was confirmed right away. How long does it take to ship? Can i receive my package on a Sunday? I need the shoes by Monday its really important

  6. What are good shoes for being on your feet all day?

    I work at a hospital and am on my feet all day???? I need good shoes and not spendy ones!!! What do you think???

  7. what is the best brand of shoes for basketball and what type of shoes are good?

    i have converse and i dont know if they are good basketball shoes...i heard they are for basketball... i also have nikes for tennis please answer. i need the new shoes by saturday and i would like to get some nike jordans or some high top shoes with good ankle support and good cushioning...i have flat feet so arch supports would help PLEASE ANSWER SOON thanks... :}

  8. Will stores like footlocker or champs run out of Jordan XI low?

    Im a sneaker fan but not to the point where you "camp" stores. I want the Jordan XI low coming out this Saturday June 8 2013 but im not sure if Footlocker or Champs will have enough, usually they sell out before they even put the sale online and they also have weird random sizes.... like the Retro 8 which they sold only in sizes 7.5, 10.5,11.0 online. Im wondering how fast Foot Locker or Champs run out of stock for Jordan Retro shoes. im size 8.5-9 btw PS: Do you guys know what sizes they are coming out with?

  9. How do I buy upcoming Jordans?

    If I wanted to get some upcoming retro Jordans, where and how do I buy them? What are the best retail stores that sell them? Do I have to camp outside the retail store until it opens? If so, what time do they usually come out in the retail store. Also, what time do they come out when you're gonna buy them online? What websites do I have to go to? Foot action, champs, footlocker, finishline, etc.? Say I want to get the upcoming Oreo Retro 5s, it comes out in November 29, 2013. How do I easily get them?