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Jordan Shoes Release Dates Questions Answered!

  1. What is the newest release date of the Jordan Space Jam shoes?

    They've changed the release a few times now, so I was just wondering what the newest official release date is. This is the release date for the Nike Space Jam Jordan shoes that I am looking for by the way.

  2. What shirt can i wear with these shoes ?

    http://solecollector.com/shoes/nike-shoes/jordan-shoes/shoes/release-dates/nike-release-dates/120108-nike-af2-hi-wmns-black-purple/ I got those sneakers. Cant find a shirt to go with them. Websites would be helpful. Im not really picky, as long as it looks good.

  3. how to get limited edition shoes on the release date?

    I want to get some Nike and Jordans on there release date's. How do I do that, I need exact info. Stores where most of them are released, and how the waiting overnight thing works. Also, I was wondering if i have to go to the individual store or if i could go to the mall.

  4. what are good websites to buy jordan's before the release dates?

    I'm trying to copp some shoes but i want to get them before the release date . So can you guys please leave a link?

  5. How to order Jordans on release date?

    Can someone please give me some tips and tricks on how people go about ordering or making sure they get a pair of Jordans like the Bred 11s on release date.

  6. where can i but legit throwback / retro basketball shoes?

    Anyone know of legit sites online where I could purchase retro basketball shoes online? Im looking for old Jordans and also shoes like the air max penny's and air zoom flight. Also anyone know of any sites that talk about rumored shoes release dates and stores that they could be purchased at?

  7. I'd like to know the release dates of certain shoes but I do not know what website to go to to find out?

    I want to know the release dates on Creative Recreations, Jordans, Nike Blazers, Nike Dunks, and Nike Air Force Ones. Thanks in advance. Please help me. Please let me know where I can find this information out at.

  8. How often does jumpman23 update there shoe release dates?

    like where they show the picture of the shoe and the release date under it