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Jordan Shoes For Sale Questions Answered!

  1. I have brand new Jordans and nike shoes for sale?

    I have these brand new nike and jordan shoes for sale and want to sale them. Is there anyone that would like to buy them I am letting them go for cheap. Just let me know if you are interested.

  2. Who can determine the this Jordan Station true?

    I often focus on the major Jordan shoes sales station, in general aol the ranking front and in front of the Google ranking, I have to see, I like to collect some of the Jordan shoes, also bought a lot, every time you discover something new, I willcome here to consult the views, we say that I bought bad I will continue to observe, or the old rules, someone can you help me see this station does not? more from: http://www.ashopshoes.co.uk/

  3. How do I find a legitamate wholesale company?

    I am looking for a wholesale company that sales Jordan shoes, Coogi clothing. I have been looking at other websites in which I have spent my money and they have ripped me off and they were not legitimate. I am looking to buy more then one thing I am looking to buy a lot of items at the same time. I am also looking for toys for kids as well. I am looking to start my own company. Thanks and maybe with the help that you provide I am able to start and be successful in starting my own company.

  4. Why do people keep answering questions with ads?

    Like one time I asked a question about my dog and someone copy and posted an ad saying that Jordan shoes were on sale at Foot Locker. o.O Are these people trolls?

  5. How to buy cheep Jordan shoes from china?

    How to buy cheep Jordan shoes from china?

  6. How much will it cost after tax is added?

    I want to buy a pair of Jordan shoes and they are 74.99 how much will it be all together with tax included?

  7. How many people in the USA will be murdered for their new Nike Air Jordan shoes?

    Thousands of people went crazy at malls all over the USA when these shoes went on sale. Will some people be willing to kill for them.

  8. What website can I go to that sells real jordan shoes for a great price?

    I want to buy shoes jordan shoes. But I want to buy them on sale, discount, cheap and NO FAKES. http://www.cheapclothesshop.com/air-jordan-1-shoes-1260_1269.html