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What should I be able to do at a ballet audition?

.Hi, I have been dancing since I was five and am now turning 14 next month. I'm taking summer classes and dance only 3.5 hours a week. I have been on pointe for a year and three months. My dance teacher has not taught us turns on pointe besides soutenus and chaînés. I want to audition For PNB's summer intensive in January in 2013 but I don't know what to expect. What do they usually have you do en pointe at the auditions?


  1. just basic moves properly
  2. For a ballet program like this, they will most likely check your body type. After that, you will be tested for flexibility and muscularity. After all that is done, you will start the audition. If the audition is an in class audition, which is where the audition is ran like a regular class and the instructor and directors see how you do in the class, the barre will not be en pointe but the center, adagio, petit allegro, grand allegro, and across the floor stuff will be. Here are just a couple pointers on what you should be able to do: Flexibility: -You should be able to get into both your left and right split. -You should be able to touch your nose to both of your knees when both legs are extended out in front of you. -You should be able to to a heel stretch without struggle. Barre: -Nice plies. Many schools really look for a good second position grand plie because it can be the hardest to do. The second position grand plie must be low to the ground without your heels leaving the floor. If you can do this, it will show that you have the long and stretchy achilles tendons that academies look for. -When doing exercises with a pointed foot, you should not sickle. So when doing tendus, grand battements, petit battements, ect...your toes should not get out of line with your heel and ankle. -You should be able to hold your leg high when doing adagio at the barre, grand battements, and developpes. -You should have a good turnout from the hip rotators. -When told to balance on the ball of your foot, you should be able to hold it without your feet rolling left and right and without struggling to keep balance. *Note: Barre work is not done en pointe. Just thought I'd throw it in there to give you a couple tips. After barre work you will have time to put on your pointe shoes, stretch out, drink water, ect. Make sure when you put on your pointe shoes that your ribbon is tucked in and also that the drawstring is tucked in. Also, you should stretch out again just to make sure your body is prepared for center work. Center: *En Pointe -Usually during auditions, the director or whoever is running the audition will not say practice your arabesque, attitude, pirouette, ect. Instead they will have you do adagio and allegro variations that they will first run through with you. -When they are teaching you an allegro or adagio variation, make sure that you are in complete focus and paying close attention to everything. -All allegro and adagio variations will be en pointe. And in these variations, there will be things such as pirouettes and pique turns. It I was you, I would talk to your dance instructor and tell her that you are planning on auditioning for this program. Tell her that you need to learn some more advanced moves. So you should probably get a lot of private lessons with your instructor so he/she can personally teach you these moves. Honestly, I wouldn't be too worried. You still have about 8 months to learn more. That is plenty enough time to get all the knowledge that you will need in order to audition for this program. Good luck with your pointe work and audition! I hope you make it! :D