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Where is a good store to buy toddler shoes?

.I have a 1 year old daughter who is just learning to walk and I would like to get her a good pair of running shoes. She is a size 5 and I live in Ontario Canada. Where is a good store to get shoes that will support her ankle and legs since she is still wobbly. I would prefer a store that will measure her feet in case she is wearing the wrong size.


  1. Kids foot locker
  2. Stride Rite shoes are AWESOME!!!
  3. Payless!! They have great shoes and are super cheap!! Websites: http://canada.payless.com/ http://www.payless.com/store/
  4. Find your nearby Nordstrom. They measure chidren's feet, and have the best selection of healthy shoes for little ones. Opt for european brands such as Primigi, Ecco. Those are the BEST shoes for a developing foot. Also try Zappos and the brands Richter, Naturino, Umi, Primigi, Ecco, Petit Shoes... Do not save on your babie's shoes, rather save on something else. Feet, their development and their comfort is so important.
  5. Where in ontario do you live? in kingston theres a store called kiddie kobbler, they are a really nice little store with great childrens shoes.
  6. Payless is owned by stride rite. I find that the shoes have very good support and are half the price of Stride Rite. Still, if you are unsure about the size, I would go to Stride Rite.
  7. If you are willing to spend a little extra, check out Stride Rite. If you are on a budget, go to Payless Shoe Source. They measure sizes and carry decent shoes for children.
  8. It is best when children are learning to walk to leave them barefoot or use a really soft sole shoe. Stride Rite is a great store for childrens shoes. they have different shoes for crawling(the sole goes over the front of the shoe so it doesnt get scuffed) and walking. If you dont have one near you, you can go online they will have a chart so you can measure her foot yourself. it is best to go to the store if you can so you know if she needs narrow, wide or extra wide. they are pricey but worth it for the first shoe, there is an outlet here and the shoes are alot cheaper than the regular store. she doesnt need a high shoe to support her ankle, they will build strenght on thier own with practice.
  9. Target has some very cute and nice ones!