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Where can I find crisp white spring boots, that are animal friendly?

.I am a vegetarian and I do not wear leather. I live in Victoria, B.C, Canada. I have been looking for some chic white boots that have a bit of a heel, and go mid calf or just under the knee. Any suggestions of sites or stores that would have something like this for a good price?


  1. This is tough because most vegan/vegetarian shoe companies (Simple, Earth) make shoes for those who apparently live in hiking shorts or boho skirts and don't want anything with a closed toe or heel. That being said, you actually might find something at a place like Payless, or even Target if you have them where you live. They are cheaper than leather, which is why they are at discount stores, so you might need to adjust your attitude or perspective. I don't know if they would be guaranteed "vegan" but it is certainly possible to find "man made" material shoes. I guess they'd be vinyl or plastic but they'd look like leather. So, you aren't wearing an animal skin and you are paying less... but it might not have quite that same high fashion look that you are hoping for. I wish I had a better answer, but this is the direction that I've gone... I have a few pairs of Mary Jane-type shoes that I've gotten at Target and they look pretty cool and I don't care that they aren't leather. I'm actually glad that they aren't, as I try to avoid it too. On the Greater Good's website they have products from a company that actually offers "cruelty free" leather... that is, the leather is gotten from animals that have died naturally, and I think that's pretty cool. Good luck with your shoes!