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How much would a pair of converse cost?

.i live in canada and im a size 7. i want it in black


  1. you can get a kick ass pair of converse for like 60 70 bucks i live in winnpeg
  2. 40 -60
  3. Fake= $12.00 Real= $ 100.00 You can usually get real pairs at Sportcheck, Athletes World, Sport mart or West49 You can get fakes at payless shoe store, and yellow Hope I helped xoxo Leo--girl with a guys name
  4. For great prices on converse.....go to WWW.Zappos.com they have great prices on shoes and of course they deliver them to you :-) also......go to www.converse.com you can even custom make a pair of converse the way you like them at their website.
  5. depends on where you buy them from. $40 (US) on zappos, bout $60 on official website. I would go with zappos (US is way cheaper), which has free shipping. I have had good luck with zappos, and they ship fast.
  6. i live in the USA and they are like $50 probably? so in Canada they cost more.. im guessing $80? im getting some black low-tops :]
  7. If you live in a small town they usually cost 60$ or 70$ but in big cities they are everywhere and can cost under 20$ - applicable in only Canada and U.S.A
  8. i got mine from the converse store and it was 60$
  9. $40-80