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What are thinks i need to know for my basketball tournament?

.Well, i am on the intermediate girls basketball team and i am kinda clueless because i haven't been to one before this is my first year trying out. My friend and i decided that we would both go together because we both suck at sports. Im want to know what type of clothes to wear i know you have to wear shorts but it's cold ( duh its winter IN CANADA) so do i were capri sweatpants I don't know you tell me. Also what to bring like things like running shoes etc. Most of all ENCOURAGEMENT. Some good and easy drills and stretches to do for the next day before the tournament like running because i suck at running. Please try to answer before January,9,2013 THANK YOU


  1. You should wear shorts for the game, but before, since it is cold, you should wear some sweatpants or athletic pants over your shorts. Wear basketball shoes which are generally high cut, but some are low cut. If you like low cut, just wear running shoes because it won't make much of a difference. Layup drills on your right and left hand. Dribble across the length of the court. You can walk or run. Practice free throws. For stretching, you can stand up and try to reach your tows and then sit down and try to touch your tows. You could do court suicides. This is a very common running drill in basketball. Also bring water or gatorade and some healthy snacks for the tournament. You could also bring an extra shirt if you get too sweaty.