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Where can I find sparkling leggings?

.Okay so on the Bakers Shoes website, under the boots category (http://www.bakersshoes.com/category3.aspx?c=271&p=all&s=) there is a picture of sparkly leggings. They look thick and very sparkly. Where can I find a pair that are extremely similar to this pair?


  1. in a store?
  2. target? http://www.target.com/gp/detail.html/180-6302076-1620503?ASIN=B0014E46EW&AFID=Froogle&LNM=B0014E46EW|Xhilaration_Hardware_Grey_Sparkle_Legging_-_XXL&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=B0014E46EW&ref=tgt_adv_XSG10001
  3. you could try, topshop, H&M and river island - they usually tend to do leggins of this style. good luck! hope this helps :)
  4. i found a few that are super cute! search for sequin leggings, you'll find a ton! http://www.bakersshoes.com/product.aspx?p=139707 http://www.francescascollections.com/Apparel/Bottoms/PRD_13301/Sparkle+Motion+Leggings.jsp http://www.saksfifthavenue.com/main/ProductDetail.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524446194361&Goto=product&siteID=BolFSqx4S4U-q3vXZinV5.J4LvOU8PJV8g http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/41519 http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/35090