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How to spot fake Nike Air Max 2013 shoes?

.Bought a pair from ebay (from the US) and the price was a little lower than what most go for so that was the first reason I became skeptical. Received them and something seems very off about them. The color of the shoe isn't a color I am familiar with, it seems to be a mix between emerald and neo turquoise which I didn't think was made, and the sole is a slightly off version of that color which doesn't seem right either. The sole where the Nike+ sensor goes is very poorly made and that appears to be one of the obvious spots that give it away. The insoles are very flimsy and made of a weird material that looks recycled? They are not marked with a Nike logo anywhere, just an Asian character. Everything about the shoe seems a bit off, for being brand new top of the line Nike running shoes. Anyone have any good tips on what EXACTLY to look for when comparing?


  1. If u can send me pictures i could probably tell but look for color differences and flaws by comparing your shoe to a legit pair good luck :(