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Best pair of sprint spikes for sprinters running 55m to 200m?

.I'm looking for the best pair of sprint spikes available on the market that fit well for sprinters running 55m to 200m races (no hurdles). I've looked quickly online before but a lot of the websites I find are outdated as well as the shoe and I'm looking for anything more relevant for 2010 to 2013. I've heard well reviews for Asics and Nike but I've never owned Asics and I've heard you pay for more of the name for Nike and not as much as the quality so I'm a little caught in the middle. I'm not looking for something to show off really, just something that will definitely help me. Yesterday was my first track meet and I got a 7.67 on the 55M and a 28.06 on the 200M and I really want to improve my performance because yesterday I was one of the very few using a regular pair of running shoes (Under Armour). And I'm new to the sprint box too, yesterday was the first time I used it and I only used it for the 55m and not the 200m and placed 4/6 and 5/6. Thanks.


  1. The best pair of sprinting spikes is the adidas adiZero Prime SP sprint spike. I know for sure Tyson gay wears them, and Jeremy Wariner. You can buy them from adidas.com, ebay, or eastbay.com. They are expensive though 150, but you said you want the best on the market.
  2. I say the best ones would be either the nike zoom ja fly or the puma bolt evo speed. Both shoes are great for sprinting! you should check them out at eastbay.com! They have a whole collection of good sprinting spikes that you might like.